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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Leprechaun Hat ...made with Silhouette Machine!

Hello Dear Stamper Friends:

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
Today is the day to wear Green!...
...the color of Nature!

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I made this Leprechaun Hat Card entirely using  My "Silhouette SD" machine...even the sentiment!

This machine is an electronic cutting machine that does NOT required cartridges,  it does the same as the "Cricut" ...This is What decided me to get it (solving the problem of storage for the cartridges and buying them separate!!!) and on top of  this It has tons and tons of images, fonts (via software) and some of them match well known stamp companies like some stamps, from Hero Arts...this is a neat featured!...so if you have a stamp from Hero Arts and the software carries that particular stamp, now you can die cut it with the "Silhouette"...
The machine cuts paper, fabric, vinyl ...I made vinyl die cuts to decorate my stamp room.  See them  in this post HERE..

It has been a good investment for me...I am happy with it...although  when they came up with the "Cameo", which is the one that cuts 12x12...I was mad for not waiting a few months and being able to get THAT one...Oh well maybe one day... but for now this is good for me and my needs...

Anyways, this is the last card for this week that has the theme "green"...well with the exception of my last post that was a card for the celebration of having a new pope...but my intention was to have all green cards during this week...of St. Patrick's celebration...

The advantage of the "Silhouette" is that I could make several cards in no time and have them ready to send them to my Irish friends...

This is a screen shot of what I see in my computer when I am ready to command the machine to cut... The machine is very simple to use, just upload/choose your drawing, re-size it to your likings, place paper on the machine and hit cut ...once you get used to it (as everything)... it is very simple...

This is how it comes out...

I recommend a 60/65 Lbs paper, for better results in the cutting and check on your screen the button "double cut" and I have no problem...the paper peels really easy...

For the ribbon I burned the ends to avoid fraying... see post on "Tip of the week" HERE.
and I place the tape ON the ribbon not the paper it is easier this way to place on the card.

The inside is stamped and decorated...

I did around eight cards in 1 hour...pretty fast when you are lacking of time...

Ok... hope you enjoyed this cute "Leprechaun Hat Card"...from the Iris folklore!

Silhouette Images:
Lucky: Design ID #39484
Shamrocks: Design ID #7674
Leprechaun Hat: Design ID #38662

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  1. Hi Bibiana, thanks so much for the cute idea! My grandma *loves* St. Patrick's day, so I will make her one of these cards. I was thinking about making her one for next St. Patrick's day, but she's 92, so maybe I should make one sooner... ;-) Anyway, I've already downloaded the files, so thanks so much for the inspiration!!

    1. Hi jeanette: I am so touched about your comment I hope you will make that card for your grandma...do you have a blog? I did not see anything on the link...or a SCS or flickr, gallerie where I can go and visit? leave me next time a link...
      thanks for visiting...

    2. Thanks Bibiana, I have no blog or gallerie of any kind. In fact, I've hardly made any cards yet. :-) I just got my Silhouette for Christmas and have been spending my time learning how to use it, reading blogs and collecting supplies! lol

  2. Très belle carte de St Patrick - avec tes explications tu me donne envie d'acheter la silhouette à bientôt

    1. Salut Christiane: merci pour tes beaux commentaires je les ai tous vu...et je suis super contente que tu viennes de France...mais est ce que tu as un blog ou une gallerie a pinterest ou je puisse aller te visiter? enfin merci pour tes visites...t'es tu inscris a mon blog? et laisse mon ton link si tu en as un pour pouvoir te laisser un petit mot ...
      ok a bientot

  3. This is so amazing, my friend! What a perfectly green card for the Irish among us. I am determined not to go electronic, but you've opened my eyes to a new possibility. As you know, I like that some of the cuts coordinate with Hero Arts stamps - my all time favorites. Don't drink too much green beer, my dear - ha, ha! Only my name is Irish, so no celebrating here. Enjoying this weather. Can't wait to see you very soon.

  4. Love the top hats they are very kool, the sharodks with the blig love them. Fabulous machine, I'll be waiting for your creations with it, thanks for sharing and have a great day my dear..

  5. I love mushroom too ;)

    I named "amanita" my mushroom board thinking about "amanita muscaria".

    You're blog is beautiful and really interesting.

    Rosa (Yomisma Quevistoycalzo on Pinterest)

  6. Hi Bibiana, Thanks for your visit & comment at my blog. I finally got a chance to sit down, and surf back over to visit your lovely blog. I think your St. Pat's hat is just gorgeous. I have a Silhouette Cameo, but don't know how to use it very well as yet. I'll subscribe to your blog so I can come back to visit again, and see your cards. Hope you'll visit me and perhaps join as a follower if you have time! Thanks for sharing. Be back soon.

  7. Such a wonderful card Bibiana. And just perfect for our challenge...thanks for joining us at Die Cut Divas this month,

  8. Bibiana this is another amazingly wonderful creation. I am really enjoying seeing what you create. Thank you for playing along with us at Die Cut Divas.


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