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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Habemus Papam"!...We have a Pope from Latinoamerica!

Hello Dear Stamper Friends:

This is a very impromptu and spontaneous post and not "GREEN" as promised......

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I was going to post this card for Easter BUT  today, MARCH 13,  with the special events for the Catholics and specially the Latin Americans ...I HAD  to post it TODAY...

I feel so happy and proud for having the first Pope from Latin America...like they say in Latin "Habemus Papam"!  Jorge Mario Bergoglio: Francisco...is now the 266 Pope...Right now all the Latin people are in a "Jubilous" tone!

Congratulations Argentina!, congratulations Latin America!  and in general the Catholic world!

Coming from South America I feel very excited..I have high hopes with this new Pope... and let's wish that he will bring modernity,  re-birth and cleansing  to the church...

This is a historic moment and I wanted to share it with you, no matter what is your religion or if you have one...I  strongly believe in the respect of all types of religions and beliefs, and I just wanted to share this card so appropriate for the magnitude of the historic moment!!!
And by coincidence  it has the colors of the Argentinian flag! white and blue...

Let's talk more about  the card and let's leave my euphoria on the side...

The shape of the card  is a Twisted Easel Card. 

You can see MY TUTORIAL HERE for the regular/classic EASEL Card.

I posted the tutorial and the card at my Spanish Blog "A crear se Dijo" for Memory Box.
In here for today's post  I did a "twist", I  just  score the top panel in a diagonal instead of a strait line...and cut the excess from the flap...and you will have a "Twisted Easel Card"...
Remember you can use "Google Translate"...

The cross is made out of  a Weaving Ribbon Technique that I saw in this You tube video , that I have in my Pinterest gallery on My Stamping Techniques board...

I use some "Spellbinders" labels, flower punch from "Stampin 'Up!" and Martha Stewart,  background stamps from "Hero Arts"...and the sentiment is from "Papertrey Ink"...


Hope you liked it and Now I have to go and do something for Easter...AY AY!!!


  1. what a lovely tribute to our new pope - i am so pleased he was elected and so quickly. thank you for sharing your lovely card and your thoughts.

  2. Gorgeous ribbon weaving, I watched the video but will have to watch a few times before I get it LOL, Thanks for sharing this beautiful card and have a wonderful day..

  3. Love the twisted easel effect and your platter ribbon cross looks wonderful

  4. Wow - I've never seen anything like this, my friend. Simply stunning - full of grace! Love it.


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