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Monday, February 23, 2015

Painted Wood Easel with "DecoArt-Americana"

Hello My Dear Crafty Friends:

Painting in wood is my new adventure!...

and for all of you out there that are a bit skeptic on trying to paint on anything ...let me tell you that it is not as hard as it sounds...
I am VERY VERY far from perfect, I am just a beginner and ...

If I can do it 
you can too!

Look at my 1st attempt!...
I designed my own floral arrangement
 and here it is the result!

front painted wood easel with DecoArt paints

Full of imperfections but I am happy...and that is what I want YOU to try...play with paint! is so relaxing and no need to look for perfection!

Everything started last December, when I decided to take "Tole painting" classes and I discovered these acrylic paints from "DecoaArt-Americana";
I became right away a fan of these little bottles!

The paint goes very smoothly, the range of colors is fantastic and very important to all of us, specially when we spend so much in craft supplies, these bottles are very reasonable price...($1;50 USA dollars/bottle).
Here in the USA I found them at my local craft store "Michael's" and at various online sites...and of course at the main webpage of "DecoArt" paints.

I am not looking for perfect strokes, this will take time, practice and they will come later on. For me the important was to start right away experimenting with paint, looking for the enjoyment to play with it and see the result right away.

In class, I made wonderful friends and one of my painter friends gave me this extra easel in wood that she had.
It is wonderful to use to support any project that you will be working on ...

 made by Creative Woodworks; based in San Jose Ca

The easel is called a "tilting painting wheel" it comes in raw wood (see photo).
I decided to painted it and use it now in all my painting classes...
I stapled the wheel with black drawer liner, to make it non slippery.

here are the steps on my new adventure...

First, come up with the floral arrangement;
I draw very simple shapes of flowers;
I draw them in tags for you to see what flowers I used in separate, but in my drawing I interconnected all the flowers and vines...

flowers for  painted wood easel with DecoArt paints

see the drawing that I made on one side of the easel...using all the basic flowers and leaves that I show you on the tags...

flowers for  painted wood easel with DecoArt paints

step 1;
Paint all the easel with a base color coat, mine is black  

step 2;
come up with a floral arrangement on tracing/translucent paper,
transfer the drawing that you made or any other  from a catalog, magazine, stamp etc...
draw/transfer your design on the wood with white "Generals" erasable charcoal pencil
Note: in my case I draw directly onto the wood free hand

base coat transfer  flowers painted wood easel with DecoArt paints

the right side finished...
working on the front ...

side painted wood easel with DecoArt paints

paint in "jade" green all the leaves, using a round small brush #2
leaves painted wood easel with DecoArt paints

step 4;
add a 1st coat of color on all the flowers and berries
- small daisies painted in yellow and red petals with blue centers,
- two daisies with heart petals painted in blue
- and the 3rd one in pink

flowers painted wood easel with DecoArt paints

step 5:
add lines to the flowers....
with a liner brush add fine lines in red for the pink flower, in dark blue for the blue flower and white lines at the edge of the petals...

flowers painted wood easel with DecoArt paints

step 6:
add more lines and dots...
with a round brush # 2 add dark green lines to the leaves on one side
then white lines to the other side of the leaves
add dots in white wherever you want...

TIP: the dots are made with an stylus

Note: erase all the white lines from the initial drawing with a "Kneaded" (or putty rubber, see photos with flowers on tags)  eraser

flowers painted wood easel with DecoArt paints

here is the back

back view painted wood easel with DecoArt paints

Muy husband added that extra bar that has a magnet on the other side to hold a photo or the design that you are painting from...

see it in the upright position (below);
I will hold a photo or the project instructions for it with a magnet...

back view painted wood easel with DecoArt paints

close up of one of the sides

detail side painted wood easel with DecoArt paints

I was very pleased with the result...I encourage you to start painting...it sounds hard and intimidating at first! but look what I did with in 1st project...

I believe the hardest thing it to take the decision...so take the plunge and start experimenting with paints and give it a try with "DecoArt" paints!

I will be sharing from now on more projects done with paints and sharing all my "wood" experiences and I hope I gave you the "Bug" to  give it a try! you can start too!!!

so be on the look for more posts using paint

 To be continued....


tilting painting wheel from "Creative Woodworks"
DECOART website 
Palette: "DecoaArt-Americana" paints
Greens: "jade green" and "plantation pine";
Reds: "gooseberry pink" and "burgundy wine";
Blues: "french gray blue", "deep midnight blue";
Yellows: "golden Straw", "Antique gold"
"lamp black";
"titanium white"


  1. Beautiful first project! Thanks for inspiring us. Hugs

  2. Wow! Quelle artiste multi-disciplinaire tu es !
    Merci de nous enseigner comme ça!

  3. Oh wow, it looks amazing!! You painted it so beautifully!! The flowers are gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more projects!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Wow Bibiana, this is absolutely stunning, would never have known it's your first project, hugs Carole Z X

  5. Fabulous painting, this is so stunning.

  6. Et bien pour un première essai tu fais merveille c'est superbe bravo
    c est vrai que cela détend bien la peinture

  7. Love, love, love LOVE your painting ! I want a wheel! lol
    E xxxx

  8. Superbe! Bises

  9. Beautiful flowers Bibiana. Not interested in starting another new craft nor do I have the room for any additional supplies, however I admire looking at your work. Great job and enjoy the process.

  10. Bibiana this is fantastic , you are so talented x

  11. Pour un 1er essai c'est superbe, bravo. Bises.

  12. superbe boulot, bravo!, A+

  13. Nothing scares you does it ? You see every object as a blank canvas and make it a beautiful piece of art........Lis

  14. Beautiful. It's so nice to see tole painting again. I did it for over 20 years and miss it. Thanks for the inspiration. It's beautiful.

  15. WAUW this is so gorgeous hun, and I agree with the rest, noone would ever believe this is only your first project, so I´m very sure you also must have the flair for it too ha ha.This is really beautiful and sooo well made in any way, that´d for sure. I love how it looks, and I´ll look forward to see a lot more in the future too. Have fun and enjoy the journey with this.

  16. Hello Bibiana ! Pour un premier essai c'est splendide ! J'adore le bois et la peinture sur bois même si je n'ai pas encore essayé (j'ai des livres sur le sujet !). Une vraie réussite ton chevalet ! Bravo ! Bises

  17. Et bien c'est super , tu es experte dans tous les domaines ...
    C'est magnifique pour un 1er essai , on dirait les peintures qui sont sur les chalets savoyards , il existe à Chamonix une façade avec ce genre de peinture !!! j'adore
    Demain sur mon blog , tu verras quelques cartes faites avec ta découpe gagnée lors d'un challenge .

  18. You did a beautiful job painting that, many years ago I use to do tole painting and loved it, have many of the projects to this day that I did, my cardmaking and quilting and cross stitching have stayed but I gave up on the painting

  19. Hi Bibiana,
    oh wow this is so superb, and what wonderful painted flowers.
    You are one very superb crafts person.
    I love it.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  20. This is stunning!! Love your painting skills and the colors just pop off that black background!! Gorgeous!

  21. Oh my goodness! Wow! I can't believe that this was your FIRST painting project! What a fabulous job you did on this!!

  22. Wow Bibiana this is stunning, fabulous painting and those colours really pop on the black.

    Hugs Erika. x

  23. Marvelous! You are a wonder woman. Surprise after surprise. Gorgeous work Bibiana. Are you sure you never did something like this before? Smile. - Jim


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