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Monday, December 22, 2014

DIY: Embossing Diffuser, Tutorial for Partial Embossed Shapes

Hello My dear Stamper Friends;

Maybe this is not the right time to give you a tutorial...
I know you ALL must be so busy...with the Holidays....

BUT....I have done these cards using this technique 
 so  I decided to publish it anyways...

DIY embossing diffusers 2 christmas cards front view

let's go right away to the tutorial:
How to make your own "embossing diffuser" 
(which embosses "partial" areas 
and makes shapes)

and how to use the "Embossing Diffusers"
 from the market ...

so here we go...

A-make your own "embossing diffuser" shape..
 How to emboss a "Christmas tree" /triangle from an embossing folder, that would normally emboss the whole paper...

DIY embossing diffuser christmas tree card front view

step 1: cut 2 triangles (do NOT make any branches, I did it and it was NOT worth it, so just cut a simple triangle) from chipboard and glue them...

DIY embossing diffuser christmas tree

step 1:
Tape the chipboard to the embossing folder

DIY embossing diffuser chipboard taped to embossing folder

step 2: 
make the following "Sandwich" using the "Cuttlebug" machine:
plate A + tan embossing pad + embossing folder (with paper inside) + triangular shape taped to the folder + plate B

DIY embossing diffuser sandwich for tree

- the chipboard replaces one of the "B" plates
- the triangular chipboard shape can be "replace" by ANY shape that you would like to make
-IMPORTANT: in this case, you can place the chipboard on top, since it is chipboard it will not be affected by the rollers of your machine.
BUT, BE CAREFUL, if you place the "plastic bought" "diffusers" from the market on top,   they will be damaged!!!,
so refer to sandwich below for "bought diffusers" from Tim Holtz...
- the "tan embossing pad" gives extra padding to the sandwich ...

step 3:
the result:  is a triangular shape embossed...

DIY embossing diffuser sandwich tree

step 4: 
color the embossed area
assemble card...

DIY embossing diffuser color tree shape

View of the group that I made...
remember to embellish the envelope too, front and back!

DIY embossing diffuser  christmas tree cards

How to emboss the outer area, leaving "flat" an "oval" shape to be stamped from an embossing folder, that would normally emboss the whole paper...

DIY embossing diffuser dove card

step 1: 
use the Tim Holtz "embossing diffusers" that you can buy
(or make your own with chipboard as I did with my "triangle/tree", simply by die cutting an oval window...)

- the "plastic" on the photo is called "embossing diffuser" and it has an oval hole, this is the area that will NOT be embossed

DIY embossing diffuser oval shape

step 2:
make the following "Sandwich" using the "Cuttlebug" machine:
plate A + Embossing Diffuser + embossing folder (with paper inside)  + plate B

-(my sample in the photo is using the "circle/diffuser", resulting in a circle embossed, but you can place the oval window to have the outer area embossed sample of the card)

DIY embossing diffuser circle shape

IMPORTANT: the "embossing diffuser" MUST be placed right after the "A" plate and NOT touching the rollers, otherwise the rollers of your machine will ruin them...
plate A + Embossing Diffuser + embossing folder (with paper inside)  + plate B

Below...samples of the "embossing diffusers" from Tim Holtz that you can buy...

Remember: the hole will NOT emboss, leaving a "flat" area for you to stamp if you desire on that area...

DIY embossing diffuser samples

the shape (circle, triangle) placed on top of folder will emboss that shape!

DIY embossing diffuser samples and cards

for the Big shot watch Video of Tim Holtz using his "embossing diffusers"

A last View...

for bearing with me until here, 
on this busy time of the year...

you can share these photos 
on your Pinterest, Facebook, or twitter pages!!!
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click on top right symbols...

I will be back on Christmas Eve and Christmas day ....

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Stampin'up! embossing folder "poinsettia", ovals, photo corner and flower punches and top notch die


  1. How Wonderful Bibiana. I only have the Big Shot and the Grand Calibur. Would it wok with any of them. Enjoy the Festive Season. Hugs Rita xxx

    1. YES! sure...follow the same folders as you were embossing regularly...Watch video of Tim Holtz using them.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have tried this before but have completely forgotten about it. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Oh my these are really GORGEOUS creations!! I love that embossing folder from SU! You've done a fabulous job using it in various way!! Must try it out! Thanks for the tutorial! Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Hugs & Smiles - *Vicki*
    My Blog: Stamp Smiles

  4. Wow Bibiana these are spectacular and so beautiful the design look amazing, wonderful work. Bibiana I would like to wish both you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    lorraine x

  5. Intéressant, merci de partager! Les cartes que tu as faites avec cette technique sont magnifiques!

  6. tres reussis tes embossages partiels, bravo et merci pour le rappel bisous

  7. Wow, Bibliana, this is fabulous and so clever! Love how they turned out! I have not heard of this technique before. This is one of the reasons I like it here - I learn something new! Merry Christmas to you!

  8. Thanks for this tutorial. Will have to have a go soon and see if I can manage it. Thanks for all your inspiration Bibiana. Wishing you a very Blessed Christmas. hugs, Ursula

  9. thank you for this step by step,

  10. Beautiful cards and techniques, love it. Will have to try this, but next year, my Grand Calibur gave out, darn.

  11. Merci beaucoup ... Un très Joyeux Noël ... Mes salutations du Québec ... Raymonde x

  12. That is so cool, I especially love the tree, I will hopefully remember that for next year, thanks so much for sharing such pretty projects! Merry Christmas

  13. trop belle tes cartes et merci pour le tuto. tu es trop fort. bravo.
    bises et passe un joyeux noel. gros bisous

  14. Tes cartes sont superbes, merci pour le tutoriel. Très bonnes fêtes de fin d'année. Bises.

  15. Thank you very much for this tutorial. I do not need it for Christmas but it will be lovely for some thank you cards in the New Year. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  16. Arent you clever. This is totally awesome. Such beautiful cards.

  17. Thanks so very much for taking time to write up this very explanatory tutorial, and do pictures as well. I've got these diffusers but always have been afraid to try using. You've made it seem very simple to do this with such lovely results. Merry Christmas. Hugs & TFS

  18. Absolut amazing cards here again Bibiana, and thanks sooo much for the tut as well, as we all know, how long it takes to make those and then even taking the time for that just now, when we´re all sooo busy here for the holiday. All your cards here are absolutely gorgeous, I really love them all.

  19. superbe tes embossage de noel, tu es pleine d imagination bravo

  20. tu nous a encore gatee avec ton tuto trop cool
    j adore ta carte sapin et de belle explication
    de bonnes fêtes pour toi et les tiens
    de gros bizou a bientot mon amie

  21. So interesting and beautiful cards................Lis

  22. I will have to try this, awesome tutorial! All my Christmas shopping is done and Im off work so your tutorial is perfect timing for me :) Merry Christmas

  23. Wow! I love it , I will do it my during holidays. So I wish Merry Christmas to all !

  24. These are stunning cards Bibiana and thank you for the superb tutorial..I will have to give it a try..Hugs Carole Z X

  25. Très jolies ces cartes ! De belles idées ! Joyeux Noël Bibiana ! Bises

  26. Your cards are beautiful! What a great technique...and a very well done tutorial...thank you so much for sharing.

  27. Thanks for this. Love the homemade xmas tree. Lovely cards. Hugz

  28. I'm very new to embossing folders, dies and die machines! Love this tutorial! I have a Cuttlebug (just got it) and will try this idea! Thanks so much!!!

  29. Hi this seems a great idea. Is the 'embossing diffuser' the same as an embossing folder? TFS xx


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