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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Acetate Snow Photo Holder Card

Christmas Eve
and twelve of the clock!
'Now they are all on their knees'
" Thomas Hardy"

All Latin American Households and many others around the world celebrate on December 24th, CHRISTMAS EVE, faith grows year after year, thanks to the meditation of the birth of Baby Jesus, 
Merry Christmas Eve!

acetate snow photo holder card front

Hello MY dear Stamper Friends:
a snowy acetate card to hold a photo or a sentiment inside for today's post on Christmas Eve...

acetate snow photo holder side view

acetate snow photo holder side view

How to...
step 1:
cut 2 pieces of paper: one in white cardstock and one in acetate, This last one must be a larger piece (than the card itself)
fold that extra 1" to be folded on the back of an A2 piece of white cardstock
Glue on font of the acetate the die cut,
Glue on the back of the acetate a piece of teared white paper  (for the mount of snow)

acetate snow photo holder step 1

step 2;
on the front of the acetate
glue top edge of card a string of "white tinsel garland"
add glue all over the mount shape on the front of the acetate, pour flower soft, let it dry
add a strip of strong red tape along the edge of the mount

acetate snow photo holder step 2

step 3;
add "white tinsel garland" along that red tape

acetate snow photo holder step 3

step 4:
add a die cut edge to the back to cover the seam/ glue of the acetate with the card

acetate snow photo holder back

view of the inside...

acetate snow photo holder view inside back

another view

acetate snow photo holder view side

detail of the die cut

acetate snow photo holder detail

On this magical night where 
we celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus, 

I added the photo of my beloved babies...
from 9 years ago...
when they were Puppies...
the two inseparable sisters!!!

acetate snow photo holder photo puppies inside

Remembering on this Christmas 
at my beloved Laika, (white one)
who is away physically from us this Christmas, 
but having her right here in our hearts FOREVER!!!!
with tears and a knot in my heart...
I will ALWAYS cherish our moments together!

acetate snow photo holder photo puppies

Thanks for the visit 
and feel the magic of Christmas Eve... 



  1. Hi Bibiana, snap!I posted an acetate card today, which I made for my husband! Your card is beautiful and what a gorgeous photo of your babies...may I wish you a very happy Christmas, filled with love, peace and joy. Thank you so much for all your inspiration, hugs Carole Z X

  2. Love the gold sentiment with that white garland, such a pretty way to showcase a picture of your sweet furbabies, sorry that you are having to celebrate without Laika this year, hugs to you.

  3. You are always so creative. I have not worked with acetate to make a card that way before. If I use acetate it is usually disquised with inks. I think your card is so pretty.

  4. Magnifique carte, merci pour le tuto. Joyeux Noël. Bises.

  5. This is beautiful, Bibliana! It is the photo of your puppies that makes it so special. Although my pets are cats, I love all animals. I still cry over my Muffin kitty who passed away 10 years ago. There will always be a hole in my heart, even after all these years. So sorry about your beloved Laika - she was a beautiful dog and it is obvious you loved her very much. I know your other dog misses her too. Sending hugs, dear Bibliana.

  6. Beautiful card...another showcase of your wonderful creativity. Hope Christmas brings peach to your heart. So sorry for the lost of your precious Laika.

  7. A special and wonderful card Bibiana. Made as only you can. Love is a wonderful thing, It matters not where that love is focused it only matters that it is. Many believe that love ends with a loss but that is not true. The words "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is true. Laika was certainly a lucky dog to have you care so much. Major HUGS to you. Wishing you the most wonderful and Merry Christmas. - Jim

  8. Una tarjeta muy original y precios. Siento mucho lo de tu perrita Laika. Te deseo unas dulces fiestas, llenas de luz y amor . Un abrazo.

  9. ta carte est superbe bravo
    joyeux noel

  10. A very very beautiful card here Bibiana. I love the elegance and yet simple take of it, it´s just soo gorgeous and sooo amazing looking. I love it and love the idea behind it too.
    A very very Merry Christmas to you and yours here now, hope it´ll be a time of joy and happines too you all.

  11. Gorgeous card and the puppies were so cute. Hugz

  12. Une belle carte porte photo ! Un bel hommage à tes compagnons ! Bises


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