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Friday, January 24, 2014

Make a Swatch Book for Your Stencil Techniques !

Hello Dear Friends:
I am organizing my craft room,  quite a task!!! But I am getting there...and I decided to share with you all how I organize my Stamping Techniques...

and here it is my recent addition, ...my Swatch Book for my Stencil Techniques!!! made in a "Butterfly Swatch Book"!!

I have 3 swatch books with the main techniques that I know so far...

At the beginning, I started sampling my stamping techniques in small rectangles ... (image on the left)

Then, when  I took Tim Holtz Chemistry Classes I decided to follow his way of displaying and organizing each technique taught in class in Manila Tags # 8

And lately with the new release of "Memory Box" stencils I decided to start a  "Swatch Book" for all the stencil techniques that I know and make it  more pretty...so I decided to use this Butterfly die (Maribelle and Selena Butterflies).

I hang them from "Ball Chains" or "Swivel Clasp" from Tim Holtz embellishments ...

I do first the  technique on a piece of cardstock, then I die cut it with the Butterfly die ...
Each wing has a different technique...

Up to now,  these are the ones that I have done... with sprays, pastes, beads, embossing powders, inks etc (you can have an idea of what I have used from the 1st photo of this post)...

I have to include 3 more techniques that I  have not had the time to include them in this swatch book...but until now (as far as I know), there are like 10 or so different techniques that you can use  with your stencils...!
I will be introducing them to you little by little..in some other posts... so keep on the look for them!

Ok my friends I hope I could give you some ideas on how to organized your techniques and next time that you will need them you just have to look at your pretty Swatch Books...
Wishing you a nice day and see you soon...


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  1. I like your idea... I've made embosing rings like this of each of my embossing folders,it really comes in handy... and I've also used it for my border punches and corner punches too.... that one I really use alot....

  2. Eileen L. said...

    Thanks...thats a great idea for several things.

  3. de bonnes idées!!
    bisous Bibiana!!

  4. hi Bibiana, brilliant idea, I keep most of my embossed card samples, from embossing folders, to refer back to.

  5. What a brilliant idea ! Look forward to finding out more x

  6. THIS is such a CLEVER idea! LOVE how they are all so different! The butterfly wing is my FAV!

  7. Fantastic idea...thanks for sharing... Love it... Hugs May x x x

  8. Great idea but I need to be far more organised to get to that stage!

  9. Wonderful idea!!!!! Now, for the time to do it...I assume you write directions on the back when necessary!

  10. très bonne idée bisous et bonne journée

  11. Great idea. You are well organized. I wish I started a book when I started with the Technique Junkie Newsletter.

  12. Awesome idea, that´ll be easy to convert to other things as well. Thanks sooo much for the idea.

  13. Wonderful idea Bibiana, I will have to create one for my stencils. Thank you for sharing the idea.

    Hugs diane

  14. Fantastic idea! I really need to make some books for reference. There is nothing worse than being in your craft space/and having mojo to create and go brain dead because you can't remember how you did it the last time. Then you waste time going online to find out where you discovered that great technique. Thanks for sharing and I love the butterfly shape.

  15. What a brilliantly clever idea.
    Your techniques at hand at all times.
    Have a great weekend

    Patricia xx

  16. Hello my ever so Talented Friend all those techniques are truly breath taking how many different ones, and each one a Fantastic piece of art, HAT"S OFF to you my dear, you were born to be a designer, teacher, I'm blessed to have found you in this big old world, have a wonderful weekend, ((( BIG HUGS ))), oh by the way I HAD to facebook this AMAZING work...

  17. Wow! Awesome techniques and terrific way to display them!

  18. Great idea...thanks for sharing.

  19. What a great idea Bibiana, and it looks fab too, it's so easy to by-pass fab techniques when there are so many cool things to try, so this is a fab way to revisit favourites and keep on track of them! Thank you for sharing this idea, I hope you don't mind me pinching the idea? If I ever get around to it, I'll give you the mention! Xx Zoe xx

  20. What a wonderful way to store techniques, I absolutely love the butterfly one! Thanks for your visit and lovely comment too. Anne x

  21. they are absolutely gorgeous, Bibiana!!!

  22. Very cool idea! Love all of the different techniques and the different looks.


  23. Fantastic idea and love how your butterflies look. A great memory tool

  24. Excelente idea para crear muestrarios! Tener todas las técnicas a mano siempre es útil, a veces olvidamos algunas. Gracias compartir tu idea!!!


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