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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lily of the Valley, Happiness in May!

Hello Dear stamper Friends:
This card was featured today, May 1st at my French blog: "Un Brin De Créativité" for Memory Box, because today in France everybody offers a sprig of "Muguet" (Lily of the Valley) during this day to wish you happiness...

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I always thought that this tradition was lovely and back in my days as a student over there I used to sell every May 1st this flower...so this brings me a lot of nice souvenirs...!

Can you tell which Memory Box die I used, to make the little "bells"?
Well, this is  the "Dancing Tulips"...who knew that with one die you can have 2 totally different flowers...what a bargain!!

I just simply cut the Tulip heads and put them up side down...colored the leaves and the "bells" with "Copics" and did "Faux" stitching along the sides of the card...very simple, yet very pretty...I think! and I wrapped the sprig in half a doily, shaped in a cone....

As a historic note: this tradition to offers Lily of the Valley in France is because this flower appears on this date, as a symbol of spring and in the "language of flowers",  it signifies the return of happiness.
Apparently this started with King Charles the IX, (16th century) when he received a lily of the valley as a lucky charm. So touched was he by this token that he decided to offer a lily of the valley each
year on that date to the ladies of his court. By the beginning of the 20th century in France,
it had become the custom on the 1st of May, to give a lady a sprig of lily as symbol of
springtime and happiness...

So, I hope that I can send you through the Internet as well some wishes of happiness...

Ok, thanks for visiting and until a next card!!!

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  1. Cute card and creative use of the die. Have a Happy May.

  2. Love it and what a wonderful French Tradition. Wish My Mom was alive, as I would give her one. One of her Favorite Flowers !
    May all your days be Happy May Days, Bibiana. Love every card you make.

  3. how fun and pretty Bibiana! Love it! I have this die and never thought to use if for Lily of the Valley. They are my favorite little flowers!

  4. Simple hhmm, its gorgeous, the bouquet looks fabulous and I love your swirl in the corner, the faux stitching my kind of sewing:) and I love the string just on the top layer, thanks for the info on the flowers they are my friends favorite and it's her BD card I'm trying to make, thanks again for sharing..


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