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Friday, April 21, 2017

How to paint an Ikat pattern on a Canvas Bag

Hello Blogger Friends:

I paint this "Ikat" pattern canvas bag with My "DecoArt Sosoft Fabric Paints" to give away for the "hospitality bag program" for the Decorative Painting chapter: "Toling Belles of Santa Clara", that I belong to...

ikat pattern canvas bag front

Do you want to learn how to make an "Ikat" pattern?

First a little bit of explanation of what is "Ikat":
"Ikat" refers to a type of geometric shaped fabric found in Asia and in Latin America. The threads are dyed before being waved into an ethnic and tribal pattern, creating an uneven and "blurry" pattern. 

ikat pattern canvas bag front

So here it is a quick tutorial step by step on how to reproduce this fun, easy and so trendy pattern...
keep in mind that you can follow these steps choosing any type of geometric shape...
I choose a zigzag design but you can do the same steps with squares, triangles, circles and so on...

First gather your supplies:
canvas bag, "Sosoft" fabric paints from DecoArt and some brushes
draw with a pencil the initial shape; in my case it was a chevron/zigzag pattern

ikat pattern canvas bag supplies

step 1:
mix some blue "Sosoft" fabric paint with some "Sosoft" transparent medium
(this makes brushing paints more easy to slide into the fabric).
paint a broad and "loosely" chevron pattern onto the canvas

ikat pattern canvas bag step 1
(place a cardboard piece, see photo; inside to avoid paint going through the other side and for sturdiness)

step 2:
place/paint another color on top of that stripe (turquoise)

ikat pattern canvas bag step 2

step 3:
add stripes of gold;
top, bottom of the dark blue and on top of turquoise

ikat pattern canvas bag step 3

step 4;
I glued a gold ribbon on the top

ikat pattern canvas bag with gold ribbon

step 5:
I added a felt flower brooche/pin
Click here to see how to make these felt brooches

ikat pattern canvas bag with felt flower

and here it is the final result
a quick and fun canvas bag painted by you

ikat pattern canvas bag with felt flower

BTW if you want to check out what the other painters from my chapter did for their donation bags
Click: "Hospitality Bags"

Thanks for the company 

and see you soon with another DIY project
Using DecoArt Sosoft Fabric paints



  1. Wow, this is so gorgeous!! I love the colors and design!! It looks amazing!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. il est magnifique ton sac Bibiana ! Bon weekend ! Bises

  3. encore des merveilles sur tes deerniers posts bravo bravo - j'adore ton sac il est trop génial bisous et bon WE ma chère -

  4. Un très beau sac et une technique très intéressante. Pour la fleur qui est adorable, quels sont les dies employés ? Merci. Encore bravo et bisous.

    1. salut micha:
      toutes les dies sont memory Box. la liste se trouve dans le poste des fleurs. voici le lien;

  5. Superbe création, ton sac est très joli ainsi que ta fleur. Bises.

  6. les secrets ce chloéApril 23, 2017 at 2:21 PM

    Ton sac est superbe, bravo pour ce beau travail!!
    Je te souhaite une bonne semaine, bisous

  7. Oh this is a beautiful bag I think I am in love .............Lis

  8. ohhh quedo super padre esta bolsa Bibiana, en una ocasión yo decore una con sellos y lucen de lo lindo!!!


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