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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Felt Eggs...

Hello Dear blogger friends:

Happy Palm Sunday...
Celebrating the start of Holy Week 
and the triumphal entrance of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem...
Days before his death and resurrection...
_____________ 0 ____________

For today's projects I bring you some Felt Eggs...
right on time for Easter week...
all made with the same Memory Box "egg" die ... decorated slightly different ...

group of Felt eggs

For this first set of eggs, I glued the intricate Flourish egg die of the front with "Fabri-tac".

The blue/purple one has tiny flowers on the front
and the lilac/peach one has the extra bunny

group of 2 Felt eggs

When using "intricate" dies as this flourish egg one, I used a higher quality of felt to make sharp cuts and use wax paper too
Then I used glue to adhere it to the front bigger egg

sometimes I cut with scissors if the die cut is not a clean cut...this happens if your felt is from a lower quality...

The main base "egg" die comes with this cute little pocket to insert some goodies to give on Easter day!...

group of 2 Felt eggs with chocolates

the flowers and the leaves come with the die...

the flowers and the leaves come with the die...  I just added a second die for the chicks...See supplies below...

I just added a second die for the chicks...See supplies below...

felt Egg detail chicks

On this one I used one Valentines die: the heart, to make the flower on the center

 Flower Felt egg with pearls

and I sewed several white flowers for this last one
 Felt egg with flowers

I hope I gave you some gift ideas 
to give away next Easter Sunday!

Thank you for the company 
and I will see you soon for some more 
Easter cards and projects!



  1. These are absolutely beautiful, Bibiana. X

  2. Superbes créations, merci pour le partage. J'espère que tu vas mieux. Bises.

  3. Hi Bibiana, I love your Easter eggs, especially the one that nestles the chocolate. What a fun project. We have so much in common (painting, felt work, cards). I just ordered from Gingermelon on Etsy some high quality felt and eyes to make the cutest little owls (I'm an owl lover) and I gingerbread houses with trees for a Christmas wreath. I will post them when I'm done. I can't wait to get my felt and eyes in the mail this week. Hugs, Beth

  4. Such pretty eggs - love all the flowers, chicks and the bunny. Cute little pockets for the chocolate treat.

  5. de bien jolies créations!

  6. Great project the eggs are beautiful Lis

  7. Reminds me of the ones we made for our daughter when she was growing up. Beautiful Bibianna. Hope your Easter is a wonderful one.

    Love, Hugs and Blessings,

  8. Beau partage pour la fête de Pâques où chacun trouve son trésor ! Moi, je tresse des rameaux aujourd'hui et tout le monde en veux ! Bonne semaine sainte Bibiana !

  9. Such beautiful eastereggs here Bibiana. I love how you decorated them all, they remind me of some I embroidered when my own kids were small, and we also made some a bit like these, when they were old enough to make them too, but it was a different kind of felt, that was kind of hard, so we only made one layer and decorated them on both sides. These are very very beautiful, think I might give them a try again here with the grandkids now ha ha.
    How´s your hands doing hun? Hope everything is really fine again.
    Hope you´ll have a wonderful Easter with your lovely family too.

  10. Gorgeous eggs. Hope you are well my friend xxx

  11. Ils sont magnifiques tous ces œufs de Pâques ! Bravo Bibiana ! Bises

  12. I'm making a special detour as I read your email update. I sympathise with your situation, which I would find terribly frustrating as well as delibitating. When excessive computer work gave me pains in my right hand (I'm right handed), I started using my left for the mouse clicks. Since then I don't get as many painful episodes. It's awkward to start with but I got used to it very quickly.
    And everybody will understand the lack of blog visists!
    Best wishes Bibiana.

  13. Trop mimi! Bises

  14. They are just beautiful!! Hope you have a blessed Easter!

  15. en voilà des beaux petits cocos !
    le feutre est en vogue en ce moment !!!

  16. Hello, sweet Bibiana!
    I am SO completely blown away with your amazing artistic talent. Your projects are ADORABLE, and I had so much fun looking around at everything. I would like to warmly invite you to stop by Word Art Wednesday any time you can to fellowship with us and share your wonderful art. We have FUN challenges, and lots of great fun, a free scripture digital file with every new challenge, and it would be awesome to have you play along and join us.

    Again, thanks for sharing your GORGEOUS projects. I am absolutely smitten.

    Blessings to you,
    Karen Letchworth, Blog Owner
    Word Art Wednesday Challenge Blog


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