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Sunday, January 10, 2016

How to Organize Your Color Spray Misters

Hello Dear friends:

Do you want to know 
how do I organize 
my "Spray Misters from DecoArt"?

here it is how it looks... 

I made a chart for quick reference and...

made some bouquet of flowers.

Here it is what you will need:
white paper flowers; bamboo skewers; white labels; a container and of course your sprays...

- Spray one colors on each flower;
-Atach a flower to one skewer;
- Write the name of the color on a white label
- Adhere to one stem (bamboo skewer)
- finally place all your flowers in mini glass milk bottles...(I bought them at the supermarket at the flower section) but You can use any small bottle or use your own container...

 here it is a closer look of all the flowers... in display for easy reference ...sometimes it is not evident what color is inside the bottle...

I hope this can gives you some ideas on how to organize 
your spray misters 

and at the same time decorate your room 
and have a nice bouquet of flowers...

Click here: For the tutorial on how to use these sprays and make backgrounds for cards 

Thanks for the company



  1. Such a great way to keep all the real colors close by your workspace, so they´re easy to grab, if you need to see how it´ll look on a projects, and the idea with the flowers are really cool and will even help to make your room look sooo much better too, so it´s an all win win situation. I love your colors here too, they´re soo great.
    Have a wonderfy week ahead here now hun.

  2. Hi Bibiana,

    Such a fabulous way to see what true colours the sprays give out and beautiful flowers to see too. Loved your 12th day of Christmas card, if I have not said it already a belated happy New Year to you and your family.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. Such a great idea! I never thought of making a chart with my mists! The little bouquets are pretty and helpful, too!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  4. Great ideas I always take a chance and have to do it twice
    Must make a chart Thank you ....Lis

  5. Always a good job ! Thanks Bibiana !

  6. bien joue , c est simple et pratique bravo

  7. me encanto esta gran idea, mil gracias Bibiana!!!
    Lo mejor para ti este 2016!!!

  8. I was just looking thru your past and present post. You say your hand is slowing you down? Maybe the good Lord is telling you it's time to teach? I don't say this to too many people, but " Oh! My Gosh! What stunning work! If you can't do yourself, then teach them!" It truly would be a shame to not share your gift. Maybe this is the direction God wants you to go? Please , pray about it and listen with your heart, He will answer!


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