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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Painted Halloween Wood House...

Hello My dear Blogger Friends:

Here it is my "Painted Halloween Wood House" 
made with "DecoArt Americana Acrylic" paints...

wood halloween house acrylic paints

I took a one day workshop this summer and this was the project...
Of course this was not done in only one day...
We had to prepare/ base coat everything before the class at home, then in class we added the main designs and afterwards we had to add all the extra finishing details at home.

wood halloween house top

This class was taught by Susie Lockwood who happens to live close by me.
She not only teaches "folk art classes" but her and her husband have one of the biggest business in bare wood surfaces, around my area.
If you are looking for excellent wood quality pieces ready to be painted...  check out her webpage: "Creative Woodworks" !

wood halloween house side

As for The original design is from the Decorative Painter, Yvonne Kresal
You can visit her site: "Pumpkin Ridge Designs" and see all her patterns and books.
This particular designs is called "#502 - the not so spooky Halloween Musical". From the description I guess hers has music!!!
You can purchase this and many more patterns at her site.

But of course, I could not stop with the original design...
I had to add  more details to make this beautiful house "mine" 

wood halloween house front

Here are my additions:
I used 3 different stencils to add:
-Some clouds,
- The lattice, (bottom of the house)
This was made using a stencil with vertical lines, turn the stencil to make diagonal lines and create the lattice design
- The spider web stencil was placed on one of the wall corners of the house

- I added the "Welcome" wood word bought at "Michael's"  on the "circle" on the top and other small embellishments in wood ( apple, jack-o-lantern, leaves...)
- the white picket fence was bought at "Joann's " and placed around the house

wood halloween house stencils

- I painted extra black vines on one wall:
To make these vines: draw ONE main curvy vine with leaves (in the photo below in black), then add the curls around
- and bricks for the front of the house, the sides and the chimneys:
To make these bricks: draw rectangles, base coat in a light color and shade with darker color
and finally ...

- I made the cobblestone path, 
TUTORIAL posted  a few days ago HERE

wood halloween house tutorial

See a close up of these extra details:
the white picket fence picking on the photo on the right,  little wood embellishments such as the apple, the leaves on the pumpkins, the jack-o-lanterns... the spider web stencil, the lattice, the black vines  and the cobblestone pathway...

wood halloween house additions

I had so much fun adding and adding...

I love Halloween and this cute house is perfect for the occasion and I was so proud to be able to  painted and finished it ...

Some more photos...
The circle on top...

wood halloween house circle

the left side of the house

wood halloween house left

details of the left side
Notice the ghost picking on the on the trunk of the tree ...

wood halloween house fence

 the front porch, center of the house...

wood halloween house front porch

details ... window and door...

wood halloween house window and door

 the steps

wood halloween house steps

  right side of he house

wood halloween house right

A last view...

wood halloween house side view

I want to thank Susie for the opportunity to take this class with her
and to Yvonne for her wonderful designs...
she has so many that is is so difficult to paint only one......
I will sure paint some more of her cute houses...

Thank you to visit me today 
 stay until the end...
I know It was a long post...
but I think worth while...
don't you think?

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See you next time for another project... 

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  1. What a pretty scary house ;) Love the painted details :)

  2. WOUW this is sooooooo awesome. I admit, I´m not much into the spooky Halloween stuff, but I can certainly see when a great job has been done, and it sure have here. What an amazing and stunning job, you´ve done here on this one Bibiana. Soo many awesome details, and really clever creation. You can keep looking at this for hours, and you keep finding new details hidden every time you look and keep finding fun little things in every little corner on this. You´ve really made a master pierece here, that´s for sure, and it´s soooooooo fabulous made in every little detail. I just LOVE this little house.
    Have a wonderful day and week-end ahead now and hopefully filled with more fun crafty stuff.

  3. I don't know how I can tell in english, and I hope to tell in the right way, but I think that this little house is magnificent (does this word exist in english?)...magnifique (en francais c'est plus facile :) )
    have a nice day

  4. Wow Bibiana what a super job you have made of your Halloween house, great painting.
    I love Halloween but unfortunately we don't seem to celebrate it as much as you do over in the States, especially since my boys have gotten older too. Boo!

    Hugs Erika. x

  5. Wow, this is amazing!! The details are so perfect!! Wow!! I absolutely love this!! You did a fabulous job!! I'm in awe!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Superbe! Bises


  8. What a great halloween house - love all the details.

  9. Une vraie merveille ta maison hantée, j'adore tous ces petits détails, c'est vraiment superbe, du très beau travail, un grand bravo Bibiana. Bises.

  10. Oh my, what a cute, cute, house. You make me miss painting so much! When I lived out east in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, I painted up a storm and got quite good, but here in Ontario people don't paint. My daughter just visited the east coast for work and she said people are still painting out there. Oh you are so lucky to create such wonderful projects. Please keep sharing.

  11. What a fantastic keepsake you created. I love all your extra details they are exquisite. That had to be a fun project day. Great job, its lovely.

  12. Such a beautiful project and all that fun time paid off - lovely! TFS

  13. WOW love all the little details on your house...it is a masterpiece
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  14. Ooh this is gorgeous - I love it. I really love all things Halloween and autumnal x

  15. Les Secrets de ChloéAugust 29, 2015 at 11:51 PM

    Très belle réalisation aux jolies couleurs.
    Bon week-end, bisous

  16. Wow that is just outstanding, your details are just wonderful!!!! Such a big project too. I took classes and did a lot of this kind of painting years ago but once I got into cards that went by the way side, seeing all your painting projects is getting me itching for it again :)

    1. Je ne comprend pas ce que tu as écrit mais c'est vraiment du très beau travail.
      As-tu mis quelque part un traducteur automatique ?

  17. Super job on this! It just fabulous work! Thanks so much for sharing.


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