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Friday, March 20, 2015

Shaker Coffee Card

Colombian coffee anyone? :)

Hello Dear Stamper Friends:
Here I am with this shaker coffee card, made with Memory Box dies and featuring one of the most popular produces from Colombia around the world...Coffee!!!

Card featured at the Spanish blog for Memory Box: "A crear se dijo!"

front shaker coffee card memory box dies

I used some dies from the "open studio" collection from Memory Box to make the shaker box...
where I placed some small coffee beans!!! and I used the rectangle stitches die (dot cream paper)

flat view shaker coffee card memory box dies

The line of dies "Open Studio" from MB have the characteristic to come in bright matching package to differentiated from the main collection, there are several dies in one package and all the dies from that color family are to mix and match for "suggested" theme card creations...

The lid of the mug is removable, and the coffee bean has glossy accents (you can not see it on the photo). The "Kraft" section was scored and the accent over the letter "e" is the left over from the center of the "E" itself!

detail mug shaker coffee card memory box dies

I added a small note on the inside of the cup...is that for me or the coffee? :)

This card has a special meaning to me... it represents not only my native country, my heritage but as well part of the history of my family...
with the passing of my grandfather, I guess I am more nostalgic ... it brings back so many memories from my childhood!!!

inside mug shaker coffee card memory box dies

Colombia exports its coffee on these jute/burlap bags with the Colombian flag on the front
and the coffee cups are not exactly as the "mug" on the cad, but it is a mix between American and Colombian cultures, right?

The common coffee cups in Colombia are in white porcelain and they are very small.

The very traditional ones come with the Colombian flag
We, Colombians, drink per day at least 8 cups a day...because the coffee is very mild and it is in the DNA of people to be drinking this much...
Over there you never hear the words "caffeine" addiction,  "withdrawal",  "anxiety"  or "insomnia" problems...???
Go figure out!!!

detail burlap bag shaker coffee card memory box dies

The plant of coffee has these cute and small white flowers.
The coffee beans are first green, then red when ready to be pick up from the plant...and then dried with the sun, hence the color light brown of the beans...and later roasted for the darker colors..

detail flower shaker coffee card memory box dies

Colombia is well know for its coffee ...but do you know ...
that almost ALL the flowers sold on Valentines' Day here in the USA come from Colombia? 
(Colombia is the 2nd largest fresh cut flower exporter in the world)
that it is the #1 producer of emeralds? 
that it has an ENTIRE museum displaying ONLY Gold artifacts from the pre-hispanic era? "Museo del Oro"
that it has an underground Cathedral made ONLY in Salt (It is inside the mine and the whole cathedral is carved from the salt)
that its name comes from Christopher Columbus?
that it is consider the most Bio diverse country in the world? etc etc....

that Colombians drink coffee at least 8 cups of coffee per day!!!! oh yes I already said that :)...

side view  shaker coffee card memory box dies

Hope you like this post 
and next time that you will be sampling some coffees
 remember that Colombian coffee 
is known mostly 
for its "aroma","balance" and"delicate" taste!
 Never strong or bitter!

Thanks for the visit!
have a great week-end!



  1. Morning Bibiana,

    Fabulous card today, love all the little coffee beans, thank you for all the information too its good to know about different cultures. I am afraid though that I do not like Coffee at all, or Tea!!! Fussy or what? lol!

    Have a great day

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie j xxx

  2. Totally fabullus, I love the design and all the details, hugs Carole Z xx

  3. Fabulous card dear Bibiana. I do love the sound of true Colombian coffee. Hugs Rita xxxx

  4. Great card Bibiana, great layering, I love the coffee theme and the beans, I bought some real beans to use on a card but then decided not to bother as they'd probably get crushed in the post. Still they make my craft room smell lovely!
    Have a super weekend,
    Hugs Erika. x

  5. Hi Bibiana,
    what a fab card.
    I love the great design of this.
    I love my cup of proper coffee, and am so reluctant to go away without my coffee machine, but you can't take it with you can you, as it's too big.
    I drink mine black without sugar.
    So you see this creation is just perfect.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  6. Super jolie ta carte
    gros bisous de France

  7. Cute card, love the beans and the facts.😀

  8. Cute card, love the beans and the facts.😀

  9. What a creative and fabulous shaker this is!! I love the design!! The details you added are perfect!! Happy Spring and have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. superbe carte, j'adore ce mélange de matières, A+

  11. une superbe carte qui donne envie de partager ce moment cafe avec toi
    tres belle idee merci pour ce partage
    gros bizou ma belle
    et douce soiree

  12. ta xarte est top j'aime beaucoup ta créas bravo ma belle et bon we bz

  13. Had no idea flowers so pretty were part of the coffee plant - that type of coffee sounds much nicer than the harsh bitter stuff.

  14. Hello, Bibiana! Gorgeous coffee shaker card! Interesting facts about coffee! Sorry I haven't been visiting as much - I'm trying to spend less time on the computer. Sending joyful wishes your way!

  15. Muy linda tarjeta y que interesante lo del cafe pero tomarse 8 tazas es mucho, ami me gusta el cafe pero yo con con 2 tengo jijij

  16. Love your coffee bean shaker card Bibiana fabulous design


  17. Magnifique ! j'adore celle avec le petit sachet de café ! votre blog est passionnant ! Bravo !! Je vous invite à visiter mon site et pourquoi pas vous inscrire à bientôt Sylvie@ http://atelier63silenceellecree.com

  18. How adorable. I love your little coffee bag, and the cofee beans in the shaker card.

  19. Would make a perfect ad for any coffee everything that is needed including the beans.....Lis

  20. Super ta carte! Bises

  21. very fun and interesting post, I didn't know all that. I am not a coffee drinker myself, everyone is so surprised because my mom had a pot of coffee brewing all day long, she drank it from morning till night. My dad drank it too but not as much, but I never liked the taste. Love your shaker idea and the pouch is cute in the corner., neat to add a plant representing it coming down from the corner!

  22. Quel beau travail tu as fait ! C'est impressionnant!

  23. OMG!!! I love your card, full of details !!

  24. ouh la la cela fait un moment que je ne suis pas venu te voir, Honte à moi.
    j'adore te carte très original et pour ton explication, merci.
    j'espère que tous va bien pour toi, bonne soirée bious


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