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Monday, December 8, 2014

Quick CAS card for the 2nd week of advent

Hello My dear Stamper Friends:
I posted this card at the Spanish blog:"A crear se dijo!",  for Memory Box...
a quick CAS (clean and simple) card
although this card does not have the traditional Christmas colors or the candles representing the colors of advent I wanted to make a card for this second week of advent ...
and as you may have noticed, on this season I am in the mood to use unusual colors!!!
So here it is this card!

Quick CAS advent card for the  2nd week

Yesterday, December 7th marked the beginning of Christmas time in Colombia, here in the USA is pretty much right after Thanksgiving, (end of November)  but in Colombia, where I spend my childhood, all the cities light the buildings and streets, and the people at home lit candles and placed them on their porches...in honor of the "Immaculate Conception day of the virgin Mary", celebrated next day today, the 8th!
so everybody gets out in their neighborhoods and visits their neighbors and admires each others houses with the candles placed in pretty handmade lanterns (like the Asian ones) ...
It is supposedly made to welcome The Virgin Mary, Colombia as most Latin American countries is still very  religious...
it is an amazing show!!!
I miss so much this celebration BUT...even though I am miles away from my native country I still keep this tradition and I lit candles here at home.
One year I made a party with all my American friends and introduce them to this holiday and everybody lit lanterns in the garden!!!
It is very similar to the Indian celebration of "Diwali" (the festival of lights)...

The tradition dictates that on this day, on the 7th, also, the nativities are set up, so yesterday I spend my day finishing up setting up all my nativities, I collect them and I have quite a few !!!
I lit my lanterns and of course I lit the 2 candles on my advent wreath...

Below it is a photo of one of the many nativities that I have from Colombia.
This one is a miniature one, the size of a quarter (25c) carved from an indigenous nut called "Tagua"

nativity in Tagua

and this other one, was painted by one of my dear Colombian painter friends: Carlos Baquero.
He represented Colombia, Bogota with all its landmarks:
-the bullring,
-the Christ on the mountain facing the cathedral on the other mountain, with its famous  Funicular
-the modern part of the city with its skyscrapers and the old colonial downtown...and its traditions
on this unusual nativity made out of wood and painted with acrylics.
Do you see the Holy family on the center of the painting riding the bus?
I love this nativity!!! for what it represents...

nativity carlos baquero

as for St Nicks' day on Saturday, December 6th, do you remember that I shared right here with you all the tag that I made to celebrate Saint Nicholas day?
Well,  My husband as every year forgot that his shoe had a surprised inside!!! :)
How about you did you get something?
I know some of my french friends told me that they remembered this day but do not celebrated it anymore...how sad!!!

As for my upcoming  "special" days during this advent time, I will be going to church this coming  Friday December 12th, When Mexico gets ready to celebrate the Feast of the Virgin Guadalupe and on the 13th, this coming Saturday it is St Lucy's day celebrated on most Scandinavian countries...festivity that I got to know, when visiting my father...

Ok my friends, I know you must be very busy too celebrating your way according to your traditions..
what it is important is to live in the present, enjoy this beautiful season, grasp the magic of this Christmas and keep on crafting! Creation is wonderful!

I will see you soon with another holiday card \
Thanks for the visit 
and for taking the time to leave me a small message

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  1. This is fabulous Bibiana, all those festivities, you will be exhausted by the end of them all lol! Enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends. I have not forgotten about your e-mail, I will get back to you asap.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie j xxx

  2. Beautiful card Bibiana. I love that die cut. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. I loved reading about the traditions you follow during the Christmas Season. You do have a busy holiday, celebrating the birth of Jesus. Please tell us more about your busy schedule between now and Christmas. Love you card with the candles, too. Thanks for sharing that.

  4. J'adore lire tes récits et histoires , en plus d'avoir de belles créations à voir ! Connaître
    toutes ces coutumes étrangères aux miennes me fait voyager un peu ! Ça fait du bien!
    Merci d'être là pour nous! Bises!

  5. I am loving this candle die cut! Gorgeous card and I like the non-traditional colours! Your nativity scenes are beautiful too! I enjoyed looking at them! Hope you are doing well, dear Bibliana!

  6. Magnifique carte, bravo. Bises.

  7. très belle carte! bises

  8. The term CAS has different meanings for some
    This card would not be simple for it
    and yet you have made it look so simple and clean and beautiful.........Lis

  9. Lovely card and photos - you are a mine of information about celebrations all over the world - most I have never heard of.

  10. Hi Bibiana, what a beautiful card and post, thank you for sharing your traditions with us, it was so interesting to read, hugs Carole Z xx

  11. Another gorgeous card and I love the colors you used especially against the background. Wow...there sure is a lot of things for you to celebrate...thats amazing. I always enjoy the bits of history and traditions and your nativities are precious. Thanks for sharing.

  12. J'adore cette carte! Les couleurs sont superbes! Il va falloir que je me procure le die Curled Ribbons de Memory Box.

  13. It certainly is a very beautiful card hun, and I also just love to read about your amazing traditions and ways of celebrating them.
    And you´re right the 13th, which is called Luciaday here is one of the huge events and celebrated everywhere here, in schools and kindergardens and old folks home and in the cities and all. Most often it´s a lot of girls walking with a lit candle in their hands and one girl is in the front, the Lucia bride, with a wreath on her head with 4 lit candles on too, and it´s every little girs dream to be chosen to be that bride, as it´s seen as the biggest honor here at christmas to be the Lucia bride.

  14. Une très jolie carte ! J'aime bien ces couleurs, ça change des couleurs classiques de Noël ! Et c'est joli aussi ! C'est sympathique de connaître les traditions et coutumes des différents pays ! bisous

  15. very pretty card, love these colors, neat to hear more of your traditions!

  16. une superbe carte, bisous et bravo

  17. What a beautiful card my friend. the colors are so pretty, you have such an eye for composing your cards. We celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Conception the 8th. hugs, Antonella

  18. Hi Bibiana! I so enjoyed your beautiful post ,full of beautiful nativity scenes, St.Nick ( my family celebrates this tradition ) and beautiful feast days of Mary! It would be wonderful to see a Holy Family painting on a bus !!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.
    Your card is beautiful ! Such pretty colors.

  19. Hi Bibiana, beautiful card design, love your colour choice ..beautiful cutting die arrangement..
    Hugs Pam

  20. tres belles cartes avec toujours ton savoir faire pour l encrage

  21. Love the colours you used in the background. The die cut really stands out. Very cute nativity. The painting is gorgeous. Hugz


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