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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Name Tags for Family Reunions...with the Silhouette Machine

Hello My Dear Crafty and Stamper Friends:

This fun project "name tags" was made with my Silhouette machine...(electronic cutting machine), some punches,  dies, scissors and the computer
and I made it for a family reunion that I had...

I volunteered  to make the Name Tags for the different people/families present at this reunion...

Roses for the ladies...made from of the "Owl" punch from Stampin' Up! (I will have a tutorial later on these flowers...) and the leaves were printed with each name from the computer and then cut with decorative edge scissors ..

On the back I added a circle die cut felt and a pin...(all glued with Hot glue gun)... in order to be pin at the lapel of each guest...

For the gentleman, I used Bottles, because this was done at a winery ...(cut and design with the "silhouette machine") embellished with some vines...and The blank space was filled with printed names from the computer...also had felt pins on the back

At this family reunion There were 4 different branches from the main family...so I decided to "color code" each family... to facilitate recognition of each member within his /her family branch.

Brown for one branch, blue for the second branch, orange  for the 3rd and purple for the 4th

Here it is a view of the work in progress...

The children wore "Apple bibs" in their color family branch made out felt and hang as a necklaces...
These were die cut with "Spellbinders" dies... 

in the photo below you can see, The "blues" family who were one of the 4 branches of the family...
I used lots of glitter....and I had to use my whole dinning table for this project...

I included some  frames, that had the photo of the parent of that branch, matted in the color for that branch.
Here are the "blues"...

 and I gave away as well fans for the ladies (see inside small basket) with a small ribbon with the color from their family...
Here are the "kraft/ browns" ...

Here it is the branch with  the "orange" color...

and Finally, Here are the "Purples"...
Every body was happy with their name tags and specially the color code was a real help to identify members of a particular family branch... specially when you do not know everybody!!!

I hope I could share with you some ideas, for you to implement in your next family reunion and right on time now that family reunions are coming up because of summer time ...

Thanks for the visit...

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Silhouette designs: 1- grape vine design ID 8116; 2- champagne design ID 6122
Stampin'Up! punch: owl builder punch


  1. C'est superbe, tu as de très bonnes idées de décoration, tes invités ont dû être éblouis, bravo. Bises.

  2. Quelle belle organisation avec comme toujours de l'originalité dans la déco !
    M F

  3. c'est vraiment superbe , j'ai un gros faible pour l'orange , les gouts et les couleurs LOL!!!! bravo , tu es douée avec ces fleurs , bises

  4. magnifiques ces décos!!

  5. My goodness! I am tired from thinking about all of the work you put into the tags. Superb creative effort Bibiana. I would have been surprised if it were anything but a rousing success.


  6. I do not think that I have ever seen an idea so fantastic. I will have it my mine for an event next year. Thanks for the idea.

  7. This is so awesome Bibiana, you really have done an outstanding job on these, and they´re all soo beautiful. No wonder, they were pleased. Thanks sooo much for sharing this great idea here.

  8. C'est superbe toutes ces idées Bibiana ! Le code couleur c'est génial ! les roses, les bouteilles et les pommes c'est super sympa ! Mais il y avait du monde à ta réunion de famille ... ! Bises

  9. WOW Bibi! What a fabulous way to identify all of the family members. Looks like a lot of work, but they are fantastic! Unfortunately you will now be asked to make the same creations for every family reunion to come, LOL!

  10. These are so beautiful...just like all your work! What a clever way to make name tags and have it look pretty, elegant and have as a keepsake.

  11. Wow ! Les invités sont très gâtés par toi ! Quelle belle façon de se reconnaitre entre
    eux par les couleurs. J'adore! Bravo Bibiana! Bises de Capucine

  12. testing the NEW pop up window in my comment section...me (bibiana)

  13. What a lot of work you did for the family reunion? I bet the really loved your work and helped to make the family time more special.
    Just so cute!
    Family memories couldn't have been better.

  14. you worked so hard on these they are fabulous, I hope your family appreciates you!! Love the bling on the petals of the blooms a lot :)

  15. Hi Bibiana,
    You made such lovely things, it is so great to look at, keep up the good work!!
    Hugs, from Holland, Petra. xxx

  16. Fantastic work. I can't begin to imagine all the work and time that went into all of that. I think your thoughtfulness will be talked about and treasured for years...thanks so much for sharing.


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