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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

1 Background Die, 3 Set of Cards

Hello my Crafty and Stamper Friends:

Thank you so much for your lovely visits and comments...
 how invigorating they are to our creativity!!! 

I am bringing today,  the last card that I made using the same background die...

In this card I decided to removed one circle flower to leave some space for a sentiment
I added some ribbon, pearls and a button, very easy and fast to make...

So with 1 very same die...
You can  make at least 3 different versions of cards and all using a very distinctive approach...

This is what I called "stretching your dies", so if you want to see more about this subject visit my "categories" on the side of this blog under that name "stretching your dies"

Quick Recap: with any background die/ or stamp
1- look how you can make it smaller, how to cut away some design and used it that way, in my case I used half of the die for the birthday card in pink
2- pair your die with a "different material" , try to think "out of the box", for this case acetate has  always giving me good results
3- add a sentiment or another element that complements the design of the die. here I insert the "hey" script, I thought in putting another flower or making a 3D flower to pop up from that circle..."hey" maybe next card!!!

Ok I hope I gave you some ideas and if you come up with different ones let me know, I love to "increase" the  "database " in my brain :)
Remember you can approach your dies/ stamps and give them another look...use tem a lot and used them as much as you can, that is why You bought them...to use them!...

Thanks for the visit 
and I will see you tomorrow 
for another Lavinia's Stamp challenge...



  1. Lovely cards Bibiana and so versatile....gorgeous colours


  2. Just love the creativity you put into your cards. Your newest card is beautiful. All three cards are very distinct and each is beautiful.

  3. Another wonderful and creative use of this beautiful die!!


  4. cette matrice est magnifique, un peu chère mais délicieusement magnifique!!
    c0c ♥

  5. Beautiful cards and marvellous use of this pretty die. Thank you for you lovely comment on my blog.

  6. Your work is amazing - you are so talented. Thank you for visiting my blog today - your comment brought me here!
    Sylvia x

  7. Another beautiful card with that die...I couldn't pick a favorite out of the three cards...I like them all!

  8. Another really beautiful card here Bibiana, and it´s just as lovely as all the others, you´ve made with this gorgeous die. I really love this one here too, and also the use og background dies, as it can be a huge help, if you need a really fast card some times, and still keep a very high standard and make something beautiful, and this one is just amazingly beautiful.

  9. BRAVOOOOO quel talent !!!! de sublimes cartes, avec des superbes décorations, merci pour les conseils, bisessss, TIFFANY

  10. Superbe série de cartes, bravo. Bises.

  11. Wow! Exposer ensemble les 3 cartes! Quelle bonne idée! En plus, on peut s'en servir comme pochoir ou stencil pour nos fonds de carte ou de pages! Tu as très bien choisi tes exemples, j'adore! Bises de Capucine!

  12. De très belles cartes avec une très belle matrice ! Bises

  13. Bibiana, I am in love with every card you made using the above die and I have ordered while visiting your blog! You are a bad influence!!! :-) They are all lovely!

  14. Love this die. Great cards.


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