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Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hello My Dear Stamper Friends:

"Gong Hei Fat Choi"
which means...
"Congratulations and Be Prosperous"
or which is believe to be translate (mistakenly)  by
Happy Chinese New Year...

This saying is very commonly heard here in California, to greet each other during Chinese New Year, which starts Today!

China and The Chinese communities abroad celebrate this traditional holiday which is celebrated the 1st day of the Chinese Calendar. 
This calendar is a lunisolar and civil calendar (we follow the Gregorian calendar) that it is used for selecting important civil days, such as the day of a wedding or a funeral, for opening a venture, or a relocation or for celebrating Chinese New Year!  
They associate as well Zodiac animals to this calendar and  2014 is the year of the horse...

Living In California, we are surrounded by Chinese culture... Specially in San Francisco, and  the "Bay area" where the Chinese community is Huge.
The San Francisco Chinese New Year Festival and Parade is the oldest and largest event of its kind outside of Asia, and the largest Asian cultural event in North America.
Their festivities are awesome and Chinatown lites during these days...

I wanted to make this card to honour some of my Chinese Friends living here in the area...

I tried to incorporate as many details and symbols as I could related to this holiday, which are:

- the red color (which symbolizes joy, virtue, truth and sincerity) with gold,
- the lanterns,
- the vertical banners (with the saying)
- the diamond shape (with the stencil and the "Tessatina" Border die which symbolizes the arrival of luck, happiness, and prosperity)
- the money... It is customary to give away money in red envelopes...so I tuck in my bill in the card...
- and lastly the horse, which is associated with 2014

Every time that I go to my favorite bakery and restaurants, which  are Chinese,  I get to practice some little phrases that they have taught me as "Hello", "Thanks" and "Happy New Year" ! 
so to everybody...
"Gong Hei Fat Choi"

Ok, My friends...  I hope you like this Asian looking card to conmemorate Chinese New Year!
Thank you for your visit and keep in touch!


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  1. Qu'est-ce qu'elle est belle ta carte, j'adore!

  2. Trop belle cette carte!

  3. Perfect card!!!! Love it!

  4. Happy Chinese New Year. I love your card. I used to have a tradition with my ex that we would go out with about 18 of our closest friends for Chinese New Year just for the fun of it and I'd make a Chinese New Year card for all the couples and the staff at the local Chinese restaurant. Oh how I miss those days.

  5. Hi Bibiana,

    Sorry only just getting round to looking at others post, this is so beautiful you have got everything in there, love the traditional colours too.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  6. Such a wonderful and beautiful card here, that´s for sure. I too have a great friend, who lives in Singapore, and she has told me lots of this earlier, and she also sent me gorgeous ccards with more of these things implemented in them too. And you did a really great job here, I must say.

  7. j adore elle est très jolie ta carte bisous

  8. I love it. The red is so deep. Beautiful

  9. Hello Miss Bibiana, thanks for visiting, I know you are a busy Woman,oh man I love this card, I'm really into Asian art form of any kind, I have even tried to teach myself their writing which is an art in itself. Love the gold and your horse is fantastic on there and the lantern, it's a gorgeous card, thanks for sharing..

  10. This is a very pretty Chinese New Year card!

  11. Love the embossed horse. So gorgeous


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