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Saturday, November 2, 2013

"La Catrina" en el "Día de Muertos"

Hello Dear Stamper Friends:
Today is the LAST day of the "Day of the Dead"/ "Día de Muertos"  celebration in México...

And Today,  I wanted to share this card that I posted at the Spanish blog: "A Crear se Dijo!"  for Memory Box with my version (made with dies)  of the  "Catrina" ...

As much as altars are present on this festivity the "Catrina" has become as well an essential figure  on "Day of the Dead" in México because "SHE" is the representation itself of death...for us Latins, death is usually represented by a woman and the "Catrina" specifically for Mexicans was created by the famous Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada in 1910 and she was named "Catrina" by Diego Rivera. The image depicts a female skeleton dressed only in a hat befitting the upper class outfit of a European of her time. Her "chapeau/hat" originally is related to French and European styles of the early 20th century. She in particular, has become an icon of the Mexican Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

And that is why I did this card ... She is so "famous" on this day that I decided to make my own version of the "Catrina" using some dies...I used "the leaves" from the "owl heart tree "die to make her hair/chapeau, the skirt from the "Princess dress" die and the flowers from the "mound" die

Here it is a close up of her head piece and her outfit....and she is carrying of course Marigolds (flowers specially placed on altars and cemeteries on these days)... I draw on her face with a black multiliner "Copic" marker and I doodle on her dress with a white gel pen...

close up of the flower...

The stamp that I used yesterday in my "Triple Twisted Easel" altar is the reproduction of Posada's original drawing of the "Catrina"! (stamp from "Lost Coast Designs")

This was my "Triple Twisted Easel" mini altar of yesterday's post...

Do you want to learn how to make 
a "Triple Twisted Easel" card?

FINAL NOTE: It is called "day of the dead" because it is an ancestral festivity that comes from pre-Hispanic  times  where Aztecs celebrated Death and  with the arrival of the Spanish to America, Catholics mixed their religious holiday with this tradition..so "Day of the dead" is connected or has the same  meaning as the Christian celebration does...(Hallow' s eve celebrated on Oct 31st,  All Saints day on Nov. 1st and All souls on Nov. 2nd) ...
They just decorate and make different rituals...

Ok my friends this is it for "Day of the Dead"/ "Día de Muertos"... so many souvenirs for me  and I am so happy to be able to share few aspects of this complex festivity with all of you...

Thanks for visiting, for the lovely comments from yesterday's post on my mini altar and on the video too!!!

Catrina Card Supplies :

Triple Twisted Easel Card Supplies: 



  1. wow Bibiana, this is amazing!!! love the colours and details on the face. We call the day of the dead all saints day. VERY INSPIRING :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I've never seen such a pretty skeleton cards,at first I didnt notice the skeleton, I thought they were just a pretty harvest festival cards, I'm not keen on skeletons on cards but yours are beautiful xx

  3. Bibiana what great cards and sooooo different love you colours


  4. Stunning work Bibiana, the colours & detail is amazing...Beautiful as always... Hugs May x x x

  5. Trop fort, j'adore!
    Bisous Bibiana

  6. Oh my gosh she is wonderful!!!!! Can I have permission to copy some of your neat ideas with funny lady to use in a Halloween book for next year. I will be sure and give you credit!! I love her!!

    1. Hi Sandy: YES sure! as long as you mentioned my name and blog I am more than happy and honored that you "copy" whatever you see here. Thank you very much for asking permission and giving back credit to where is due. I am so thrilled that you liked her!!!
      keep in touch

  7. Wow! You are soooooo creative! They way you used all the dies is stunning and I love how you added detailing with pen! Gorgeous!!!

  8. fabulous creation Bibiana, really different image, gorgeous colours and beautiful embellishments.

  9. I agree you are soooooo creative, brilliant use of the die cuts, the background id gorgeous, I love the frame around her, her hat is spectacular, love her bouquet of flowers, kool skirts, love the banners, the gorgeous flower and the string bow, brilliant piece of art work, thanks for sharing all this inspiration, hope you have a wonderful week, looooove visiting here.. Have a wonderful week.. (((( BIG HUGS )))

  10. Your Catrina is beautiful. I am so happy to learn about this tradition. It will be fun adding this new dimension to my Halloween celebration next year.

  11. Brilliant, I love it, great colours and embellishments.
    Enjoy the rest of the day

    Patricia x

  12. Very cool card, Bibiana! I love the history around it too! The colors you used really POP! Neat card!

  13. Hello!!! Thanks for you visittomyblog http://monscrapetcompagnie.blogspot.com

    You make a beautifull cards ! ! ! ! ! ! I adore your découpes!!!!!

    I am sorry for my english

    Biz de France


  14. super le squelette sur la carte et le petit décor !


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