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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Vintage or Shabby Chic Christmas Card ?...

Hello My Dear Friends:
I am bringing to you this card that I posted yesterday at my French Blog for Memory Box ...but is it a Vintage one or rather a Shabby Chic card? what do you think?

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Well... it is rather difficult to place a sharp dividing line between these 2 styles because they have many things in common... they both depict old themes, they shared similar techniques such as tearing, sanding, crumpling and they both make you think about past times...
Both styles refer to distressed, well used, torn... but the difference can be found in the use of the embellishments, textures and the tonality of the colors...

There are subtle differences between the 2 styles but we can divide them I think,  as follow...

"Shabby Chic" refers to a discreet neglected elegance. It can be "new" but well worn. The use of certain embellishments and textures like lace, ribbons, pearls etc makes the difference. "Shabby Chic" can be more "feminine" and the colors are lighter (more white and light cream) and soft (pastels) than Vintage.

Vintage refers always to old pieces and nostalgic memorabilia. It  calls to mind to a particular era. It has more of a "retro" style.  Once more the difference lies in the choice of embellishments and textures (wood, metal, crochet etc) and colors. "Vintage" can be more "manly" and the colors more "dark" than Shabby Chic. 

So that is why I could not decide what type of card I made ...It has many things of both so I guess it is a Hybrid?..

The border of the card is the negative part of the "Heart chain" border...see photo...

I die cut the stars and the Holly vine  in silver paper
I used  a "collage" stamp from "Memory Box" as a background and I use a "Poppystamps" stamp deer  in the woods as a  focal point...
added some silver ribbon and silver "Stickles"...
and distressed all the pieces...

Ok my friends I have many samples at my Pinterest boards on these 2 styles...I hope you liked my small and very personal impression of these styles... and make you tried one of each or make a Hybrid like mine...

Thank you for the visit, remember to come back soon I will have every day a new project for Christmas or for Fall and a nice Tutorial that I hope you will like ...so keep on checking  back!


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  1. Pas minable, c'est certain. Pour preuve, je m'inscris.
    A très bientôt !

  2. Pas facile de s'inscrire. J'ai cliqué au oins trois fois ... pour rien !

  3. Magnifique cette carte j'adore, bravo

  4. Lots of vintage feel to this. Love how you distressed the silver pieces.

  5. Definately my kind of card Bibiana. I love it to bits. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. What a great masculine design! love the colors, the distressed edges and wonderful die cuts!

  7. Elle est très belle, j'adore!

  8. Good evening and a big wow ! I love this its so gorgeous xx

  9. love this vintage card Bibiana, gorgeous colour tones and a beautiful design.

  10. So lovely! I especially like the way you cut the bottom border. I will certainly look at my border dies with a new perspective now.

  11. I like everything about the card except the two torn parts. I am not a fan of the torn, distressed look. To me, it looks like it got caught up in the mail sorting machine and was ripped.

  12. Oh so gorgeous. You're lucky to get into your studio every day.

  13. Beautiful! I love what you have done with the heart border!

  14. Very pretty but I am undecided about the style too.

  15. EEEKKKS, when I saw this in my post today and finally got a chance to visit, boy was I excited, I have been waiting for you to do some Shabby Chic, I knew it would be brilliant. I really didn't know the difference and you have given it a clear definition, I'm kind of a grungy kinda of girl :O) but like sooo many other styles. Your card is really beautiful, I love the way yo created the border on the bottom and the, the vines, how you stamped the deer, gorgeous colors, and it still has you written all over it, boy it's been a wonderful visit this week three wonderful creations, all that sharing, thank you my friend, I have a lot of things going on on my desk, you have inspired me greatly, thanks, hope you have a wonderful weekend,,,, ((( BIG HUGS )))

  16. No matter what style it is it looks fabulos. Great job.

  17. elle est magnifique cette carte !

  18. OMG this is so beautiful I have always loved the use of Deer in Christmas cards they seem to have that special Christmas magic, I am a great lover of vintage so this is a big hit with me a gorgeous card.
    lorraine x


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