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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Trio of Negative and Positive die cuts...

Hello My dear Stamper Friends:
I had posted these trio of cards at my Spanish blog: "A crear se dijo!", for Memory Box...
In these 3 cards I am using the Negative and The Positive parts of your die cuts ...in order to use everything/make out the most of your papers...

From one die cut, one idea of a card  I end up with 3 cards...
and each one of them with a specific technique...here they are...

The first card that I made was this "thank you" card...

1- I die cut the word "thanks" (using the positive of your die cut) from a blue card stock.
2-  I die cut the leaves 4 times in the a piece of green card stock (using here the negative of the die cut)...
a- I mounted it in acetate paper...

b- did "Faux stitching" with a white gel pen on the edges... and voilà!

The second card: I use the negative/ the left over blue paper that I had use for the "thanks" word in the first card to make this 2nd card

1- I stamped the blue paper and add some embellishments with other die cuts...

a- I decided to use the perfect pearls technique. If you would like to see the explanations on how to use these, click on this post that I did about perfect pearls...I follow the same steps...

The Third card came about from the first card  as well, I had the positive of the die cuts of the green leaves so instead of throwing them I use them in this birthday card...

1- I stamped the stripes of paper and die cut the words for "Happy Birthday"; add leaves and buttons

a- making "faux" washi pate with stamps and placing them in a geometrical style...
see photo below to see how I proceed placing each stripe...(find the center, trace a line and place them one by one as shown)

Moral of the Story:
The use of the negative and the positive parts of your die cuts in these 3 cards is much simple and fast than the one that I showcased in in the post " The negative and the Positive of your die cuts" on August 20, 2013 and that I demonstrated in  this VIDEO.

The reason why, is because in this post the die cuts are in Full, they are solids instead if you are using die cuts with more intricate pieces then you have to be more careful, it requires more patience in retrieving the little pieces left behind, that is why I did the Video...

Ok my friends, hope you find this post interesting or helpful...
Wish you a wonderful day and keep on crafting!


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  1. j'aime beaucoup le résultat négatif/poisitif
    bravo de jolies créations!

  2. Great use of négatives and positives, love all your cards!! xxx

  3. C'est tout simplemnet magnifique!
    Tes cartes sont superbes!

  4. Une belle utilisation des négatifs !! et tout ça pour de très belles cartes

  5. As always your cards are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Bibiana, wonderful creations love how you use both the negative and positive parts of the die cuts. The faux washi is really cool and creative!!

  7. So creative as always, Bibiana! Lovely cards!!

  8. Hey, Bibiana, I love the 3rd card the most. It's absolutely fantastic, the faux washis are lovely (I will get some more real today...)
    and I like how you use all parts of the papers!
    Gruss, Andrea

  9. Hello Bibiana , tes cartes sont magnifiques ; j'adore !! Bisous .

  10. beautiful cards, Bibiana, I just love to ''play'' with letters and words, positive and negative parts, I almost finished my next project, with lots of letters!!!!!
    I have enjoyed the visit, thanks again for the inspiration!!!!
    Hugs, Alina

  11. Wow- what a thrifty and unique way to get three cards done up so perfectly! I always learn such great ideas from you. Thanks for sharing.

  12. encore un beau tuto.
    je t'ai envoyé un mail à ton adresse personnelle (qui était dévoilée) dis moi si tu l'as reçu sinon, je passe par ton blog. Bonne journée

  13. Hi Bibiana,
    fabulous cards. Great use of the dies. I don't use this tecnic enough.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  14. Thanks for ideas with my dies, your cards are fab x

  15. Hola Bibiana, vengo a devolverte tu visita! estoy feliz viendo tantas cosas bonitas, tus tarjetas estan de lujo!! feliz semana!

  16. You are so creative, brilliant use of the die cuts, and 3 gorgeous cards, amazing.. I love the 2nd one, the technique is fabulous, and that washi tape looks wonderful, thanks for sharing all your creativity..

  17. This is a great find about die cutting and stamping. Thanks for these amazing crafts!


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