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Monday, August 12, 2013

Glitter Ritz with Tape Technique...from the Scrapbook Expo

Hello Dear Stamper Friends:

Over The week end I attended the Scrapbook Expo that every year comes into town...
It is always fun to go..there is always something new to discover, I meet people and of course I buy stuff...there are lots of classes and crops and people in general enjoy the experience, all the vendors are very nice and we can find sometimes good bargains...

The card that I am showing to you today, is a Glitter technique that I have seeing year after year at the expo done by one of the vendors in one of their booths and this year I decided, now that I have this blog to film it and share it with you all...

But first,  I had to make a card to illustrate this technique and this is the result...
I must admit that is mainly to show the technique...as for the card...UMMM

It came up very differently from the way I had envisioned it...sometimes is like that, I imagined something and then something very different results...
But I decided to share it with you to show you my version...

As I mentioned the technique of the background is using ultra fine glitter and masks from the "waxy backing paper" from the double sided paper or "ScorTape".
The paper that you always throw, well now with this technique you must save them all and used them...to die cut your shapes with it...

NOTE:  if you get the tape get it in a big roll size...

I personally used "Glitter Ritz" which is a glitter so soft to the touch that is INCREDIBLE!!!
if you do not have one of this jars I recommend that you buy one, at least one ...just to see the difference with regular glitter... when you rub it it become like velvet to the touch but shiny like glitter to the view..it is a very unique product! and you can color it with your "Copic" markers without ruin them...so If you are getting only one get the white one!

With the video that Donna, from "Sparkle and Sprinkle", graciously consented that I taped;  you will see what I am talking about...
BTW, I apologize for the quality of the video;  I am still learning how to properly film and now I know that next time I should film it horizontally.....Oh well, next time, I will make a better one...

here it is THE VIDEO
hope you will enjoy it, learn a new technique or push you, finally to create something that maybe you already knew but didn't have the courage to make

The  Silk Flowers I got them at the show from "Mon Ami Gabi", booth with a wide variety of ribbons, embellishments etc... it comes as a wide ribbon, from where I cut the little flowers...

I will be back for some other projects and news! 
Thanks for stopping by today!...


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  1. What a neat idea..... I'll have to look into that.. thanks for sharing!!

  2. love this!! I am off to check out the video now!! :)

  3. waouh! just wonderful
    i love this!

  4. Mais c'est magique!!!!!!!!
    Bravo pour cette très jolie carte.
    Merci pour le partage.
    Bonne et belle journée.

  5. Fabulous! I have seen and used this technique also!

  6. Gorgeous card love the colours,, off to check out the video


  7. Elle est superbe et merci pour la vidéo. Bises.

  8. Super vidéo, et ta carte est splendide, bises

  9. Great video and such a clever idea. Must give this a go. Love the echo of the background flowers with the die cut ones too. Hugs, Jenny x

  10. Very nice!!! What die did you use for the swirly frame?
    Thanks for sharing.



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