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Monday, July 15, 2013


Hello Dear Stamper Friends:
I am glad to report that I posted at my Language Blogs (Spanish and French), the winners for the Blog Blitz from Memory Box.

I wanted to thank all of YOU for Following me HERE  and THERE :)....It was so much fun to read all your comments and I had a great deal of traffic on those Blogs...as they are so "New",  just launched this past January they need this kind of traffic...So thanks to you ALL!...
And I hgope you have enjoyed the projects that I brought you using the new collection of dies for the Holidays 2013 from MB...BUT I still have much more project to come!! so ain't finish !!!

Ok here it is the summary and the names for the 2 past weeks:

WEEK #1:
WINNER: COMMENT #4: Janine, won: "Graveyard Landscape" die from this blog "Stamping with Bibiana"; post on June 26th
WINNER: COMMENT #37: Karen Mcalpine, won: "Willow Tree" die from My French blog: "Un Brin De Créativité"; post on July 2nd
WINNER: COMMENT #3: Catherine D., won: "Winter Joy" die from My Spanish Blog: "A crear se dijo" post July 3rd.

WEEK #2:
WINNER: COMMENT #30: Martha Ramirez, won: "Glowing Candles" die from My French blog: "Un Brin De Créativité"; post on July 9th
WINNER: COMMENT #8: Izzwizz, won: "Addison Ornament" die from My Spanish Blog: "A crear se dijo" post July 8thth.

WINNER: COMMENT #27: Scrapistelle, won: "Gwyneth Flourish" die from My French blog: "Un Brin De Créativité"; post on July14th
WINNER: COMMENT #18:Ionabunny, won: "Frosted Christmas Tree" die from My Spanish Blog: "A crear se dijo" post July11th

Since I do not have a card for today , here there are 2 photos that I took to my last trip to "LAS  VEGAS" to celebrate my birthday!...
This is the view from the Hotel that we stayed in...isn't it this beautiful too? at night with the fountains and the back of the Eiffel Tower it was "sublime"!!!

I choose to post this photo just because it is "almost" like being in Paris, yesterday with all their fireworks and their celebration on their "National Holiday"...I had the tears in my eyes seeing yesterday the Military parade on TV...so many good memories for me :)

sorry a little bit blurry because of the window of my room...

view in day light from one of the Restaurants from my hotel..The fountains were off at this moment...

NOTE: for the ones who do not know "Las Vegas" this is a hotel In Vegas called "PARIS" and this is the front entrance to that hotel...I love Vegas!!! they are amazing for re-creating themes at the hotels...even if you do not gamble this is a must see city... I think!, they have Great shows, great re-known restaurants, fabulous shopping, the hotels are fun! helicopter rides, Hoover damn close by...nice golf courses and well if you like to gamble...Oh my! you are in heaven , I guess or... hell :)!!
In another matter...

If you are using "Bloglovin" to read and follow blogs, remember! you have to "claim" your blog too...I have seeing people who are followers but they do not "link" their blog to their names..this is crucial otherwise people can see your name but no link to your blog... check out mine How it looks...

to My subscribers via e-mail/Feedburner, I advice you,  as well to subscribe AGAIN using "Bloglovin",  just because I thinks it is really much easy for all of YOU to follow, read and organize ALL your favorite blogs, not just mine, through this new site...it is like an "Add on"...
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  1. Oh, thank you so much. I am so chuffed to have won a prize! Thanks for all the inspiration Bibiana, I've really enjoyed looking at all the creations and will keep in touch. Maddy xx

  2. Bonjour Bibiana,
    Bravo aux gagnantes...quelle chance!!!
    Merci à toi de nous faire partager ces belles photos de Las Vegas et de l'hôtel Paris...la tour Eiffel en miniature, un bon souvenir pour toi.
    Bonne et belle journée.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners..
    Big hugs for you Missy, love the photos..Thanks for sharing..


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