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Friday, July 12, 2013

What is "Bloglovin"..Why I use it...and Why shoud you Too!

Hello Dear Stamper Friends:

I discovered "Bloglovin"...and I am so happy to report that this is a great way to read/follow my blog...any other blogs that you like...and DISCOVER new blogs... !!!

It is a new blog reader much much friendly than Google+...(and as you may know "Google Reader" disappeared as of July 1st, 2013!). 

It is like a "facebook" but ONLY for Blogs...it organizes ALL your favorite blogs including yours with the most fresh posts at the top, in one single page...

instead of bookmarking all your favorite blogs and trying to remember which one you liked and visiting them one by one... 

you will have them ALL in a single page for you to look at!!!

So if you are a "Blog reader/follower" this site is for YOU...
It is clean, fresh and easy to use!

1- It allows you to follow any blog that you wish...
2-You do not have to have a blog to read and follow blogs...just submit your e-mail
3- You have ALL the posts of a particular blog in only ONE page ..with a simple/short title, a photo and a small paragraph...much better and easy to navigate through
4- If you click on a particular post it takes you directly to that blog, so you do not loose all the info on the side bar, which may occur is you receive notifications/ new posts by e-mail through FeedBurner....
5- When you click on the name of the author of that blog it shows all the blogs that she/he has ...so for me it is much more organized than Google+ or Feedburner/RSS, ...and it shows my other blogs like the French and the Spanish ones for Memory box...
6- "Like" a post...at the bottom of each post you can "bookmark/like/heart" a particular post to read later and you can "share" that post to your other social media as well...
7- Very EASY to set up an account if you want to use it in your own Blog just follow their instructions ...by claiming your blog...
8- They have an APP for IPhone download it from HERE
9- You can DISCOVER new blogs by just clicking on "top blogs"  or "Popular"
10- You can SEARCH for any blog that you know the name of ...
11-You can GROUP your favorite blogs ...by blogs that you like for crafts, blogs for family, blogs for animals etc etc...
12- You can transfer all your followers (from other programs that you have and no longer exist) to this site too...(I have to figure it out this last one yet!)
12- It is FREE! and All in only ONE site/page..

This is the "new way" to follow/read blogs, since the other stuff (like google friend connect / google reader etc... disappeared...and they were more cluttered anyways...)

I really advice you to check it out and start using it...
and if you want to follow my blog and be able to read it in a more friendly version than the blog itself...just click on the button below! see it for yourself..and click "follow" (blue button) on the site...  

so Check it out! see it for yourself! just click below!

Follow on Bloglovin


  1. Bibiana,

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have signed up on the Bloglovin site, and now have many of my blogs in one place! It will take some time, but will be well worth getting all that I follow on Bloglovin! It was so easy.

    Thank you again,

  2. Thanks, Bibiana......are you sure you aren't working for this company? Ha! I actually prefer Feedly, but have my blog set up with both. Glad you figured it out. Appreciate this info. Hugs!

  3. How lovely to see your sweet comment on my blog. So nice to go through your wonderful blog again. I have rejoined your followers. I have no idea how you didn't get included in my list of blogs but I am glad to be here now.

  4. Have to say I have been a fan of bloglovin for a while,love how its easier to read and as you read a post the pic fades so it makes it easier to pick out the unread ones x


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