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Friday, June 14, 2013

A good luck Koi Fish

Hello Dear Stamper Friends:
I am having a blast creating all these cards with these little "creatures" that "Memory Box" has released this past spring...Today's turn is the turn of the  "Koi Fish"...
As soon as I saw it, I thought in making "oriental" cards with it...mine is "trying" to be oriental...anyways...this is what I came up with...

My intention was to make an Asian card, with the tropical leaf is not that much but Oh well!
It is funny, how you start with a fixed idea and you end up with something not  in the direction that you wanted.. well, at least, it has the Chinese colors for good luck the red, the gold and the fish that brings you good fortune...

See the details of the embossed die with the mirror paper it shows really well...

This fish reminds me some of those paper fishes that you buy in "Chinatown" and they "curl" in your hand, with the contact of your skin...have you ever seeing them? they are very fun...
here is a photo from Google;
Side view: The tropical leaves add lots of dimension...and It turns out to be appropriate for the season, here in California we are so lucky, with sunny days and feeling really like in summer...

Click on the words: If you wish to see some cards that I have made with other "creatures" like the whale, the snail, my "invented crab", the bees...etc



  1. Just Love your Koi... I have a different Koi die I used for a Mothers Day card but I did not have the Gold paper... Love that look!!!

  2. Your card is fab,love the koi fish x

  3. WOW, that really is great detail on the fish. I like the leaves and think they go really well for an Asian themed card. Beautifully designed! Hugs!

  4. Love the color of your fish against the leaves with the pretty background paper.

    Regards diane

  5. Love the way your fish appears to come right
    off the page.

  6. Love this card Missy, that fish is fabulous and no I have never seen one of those fish and I've been to Chinatown a few times.I'll have to ask next time I'm there, anywho, love the card, the leaves look like long seaweed, very kool, thanks for sharing that our art sometimes take us down a different path,it was meant to happen, nice eh, as us Canadians would say hahahhaah..

  7. I love this fish! It would be perfect for Chineese New Years cards. I make several of those and always need new ideas. You captured great depth on this one. Have a good one, dear friend.

  8. I love the fish too! Great Chinese style card!

  9. I must get that fish, it's fab! We used to get those little plastic fishes that curl up in your hand in our crackers at Christmas when I was little. There was always a little sheet with them saying how passionate you were depending how much the fish curled or twisted over! Thanks for the memories :-) Maddy x


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