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Friday, June 7, 2013

A little Crab for this Summer!

Hello Dear Stamper Friends:
Here in California , we are getting ready for the Summer, we have a wonderful time, some sun and getting warm...the days are longer...although this makes me think in the poor people suffering in other parts of the country because of the weather...here we are so Lucky...so...

All my thought are going to the people of Oklahoma, and other parts of the country..
I do not have words to describe how sorry I feel for them for loosing loved ones, homes, memories etc...

But, We have to keep smiling...and this blog is all about creation...so back onto the card...

Here in CA,  all the schools are getting ready for the summer vacation...so this card that I presented at The Spanish Blog : "A crear se dijo" for Memory Box, comes very appropriate for this occasion.

If you like it, "Pin it":

Did you guessed from where that little crab comes from?
Memory box does Not have Yet, this little creature...

Well it comes from the "Botanical Frame Set", it is the die for the sentiment, and when I was die cutting it I saw right away that I could "transform" it and by applying these little eyes it will become a real crab, how nice, right?

The other die that is worth mentioning in this card is the "Swirling Cutwork", it looks like a whirpool and it reminds me the sea...and it has this peculiar "tongues" that gives so much dimension to the card...

This card can be given for any occassion in summer but as well if you change the sentiment "thanks" for a...  "birthday wish" it can be given to all those people born in the month of June and that have the Zodiac sign "Cancer", which is represented by a crab...How nice Huh?

OK I hope this was a fun card for you, it was for me, and I loved the little Crab!...
Hope to see you for another inspiration card, maybe next time I will make a card for the "Graduates"...
Keep in touch and remember I love to read all your comments...
and I hope too that you liked the Video from my last post...



  1. Jolie carte! Ton crabe est vraiment drôle!

  2. You are so clever!!!! Your card is WONDERFUL!!!!

  3. what a lovely idea, Bibiana, you're so creative!!!!!

  4. Definitely a fun card, made me smile loads, also love the rest of your design. xx Flora

  5. Its a brilliant use of those die cuts and it does look like a whirl pool for you cute crab, I love the brown and pink bow,it goes perfect on the card, thanks for sharing your creation, and have a wonderful day..

  6. Thanks for visiting me,love your cards x

  7. You really used your imagination on this one and it paid off. I didn't even realize it wasn't a die cut crab until you mentioned it. LOL Great summer inspired card! Hugs!


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