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Friday, April 5, 2013

Envelopes for A2 Bulky Cards...made out from a 12x12

Hello Dear Stamper Friends:
I am bringing to you, today, this Tutorial on how to make an Envelope for an A2 bulky card out of a 12x12 sheet of paper without cutting anything, origami style, only follow these simple folds and you will have this cute wrap!

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I featured this card at My Spanish blog: "A crear se Dijo!" for Memory Box. But I thought that It needed an envelope so I decided to create this tutorial...
Memory Box is having a new release of stamps and dies for the Spring collection 2013...all the stamps are cling and wood and the dies are just gorgeous, be prepared to see more of the  new designs in the following days...

The fountain and the sentiment are some of the new stamps released for this spring...aren't they cute?
Envelope  opened...

Envelope closed...

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 OK, now onto the HOW TO...for the envelope!
1- from a 12x12 sheet of paper, fold it in a triangle
2- place your card (blue piece of paper)  on the middle for reference, leave a 1/4" at the bottom for tape, place a mark with pencil for the center, fold down the pointy flap (loose not tight) towards that center mark
3- fold the left side against the card (loose not tight), score
4- repeat same for the right side...

5- open your flaps, place strong tape on the bottom
6- fold left flap towards your left making a 45º degree angle where the bone folder is...see photo
7- open flap add tape only to that portion
8- you will have this "triangle flap shape"...

9- open that "pouch"
10- fold/crease to make a diamond shape
11- cut  clouds out of felt and backed up with cardstock
12- glue to the front of the diamond... you should have a pocket to insert the flap of the envelope...see photo

13- turn envelope add strong tape to hold ribbon
14- insert card
15- close and tight bow

Hope you liked this fun way to make your own envelopes for bulky cards without using scissors!

FYI: Next Monday, WE (all the designers) are having a Memory Box Bitz all week long, so do not forget to stop on Monday at "Outside the Box" which is the blog in English for Memory Box...lost of prizes and new cards to be displayed..see you there.



  1. Wow, but this is so creative and this technique will come in so handy. Love the clear instructions you have provided. You are such an amazing teacher! Sending big hugs.

  2. I'm so glad I found your site via SCS. Your Bendi Fold card is absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for sharing the instructions and the envelope tutorial is fantastic. Thanks again. Mary R.

  3. love this tutorial, wish I had seen this before Christmas! lol! TFS! xxxx


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