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Friday, February 22, 2013

Tim Holtz... inspiration Tag

Isn't Christmas over???!!!...

Hello Dear Stamper Friends,  I am not crazy yet... : )
What I wanted to highlight today with all of you is the Technique used in this tag, which is very nice, and the well-used custom practice among cardmakers of "Casing" cards from other cardmakers...and last but not least I want to recommend a Blog that I found and I believe they are doing a great job in supporting our military personnel!

Let's talk first of all about the Technique. Tim Holtz (as always) has done an incredible job in sharing what he knows. And I have learned a lot from him. He made This Tutorial a while back ago on how to make the background...and I "Case" his tag and technique from the 12 tags of Christmas...

This is the back of my tag...and on the front I did add a transparency/ clear sheet over it, you can not see it much on the photo
Note: it takes time to dry...but the effect is worth while...give it a try! 

I used the "Reindeer Flight" set of Tim's stamps that he graciously autographed for me, the first time that I took a class from him...What a treasure!!!..

Second, I wanted to talk about "Case" (which stands for "Copy And Share Everything"). This is a practice for when you want to emulate the work of another blogger/crafter..and your creativity is  "blocked". Very often we,  crafters find ourselves "stuck" and we do not know what or how to start creating. So, when this happens you can get inspired by other people's work...and you can CASE them! But make sure that you always give credit to the original artwork from that person...link all your sources...it is nice to acknowledge that you admire the work of that particular person and he/ or she inspires you to make your own project and helped you get "unstuck"...
So here it is Tim's tag, his original...where I got my inspiration from...

Talking about giving credit... when researching about specific words for carmaking, I  found this list of "Cardmaking Glossary" in this very useful, informative and inspiring blog, which is called: "Operation Write Home OWH".
To my surprise they are much more than that. They have a ton of ideas on how you can help, and create at the same time. I have heard about them but never gone to their site, so Go and pay them a visit, you will not be disappointed. In this post  you have tutorials and interactive step by step on how to make cards, when your are lacking of creativity.
Their mission is I quote: "supporting our nation's armed forces by sending blank handmade greeting cards to write home on, as well as  "Any Hero" cards of gratitude to encourage them"...How nice is this!!!

Ok I hope you find my post inspiring or at least informative...please leave me a comment and this is it for today...


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  1. I love OWH - every year I send a big box of cards (but, no glitter!). This tag is so very special - love that background. Wonderful work, my friend.


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