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In this page I would like to extend all my gratitude to ALL the people that have being and are in any way involved in my creative process. Look for their contact info below.

Even though I discover the world of card making in 2008, my creativity has being always within me since my early years…

And for that I have to start by thanking my parents, my father for inheriting me with the artistic vein and to my mother who always supported any form of Art, creativity and surrounded me since my early years with her artist friends (painters, photographers, designers, artists, dancers…), and collected and supported all their creations, whatever medium or trade they used or did!
Made me take art and dance classes, appreciate museums and develop an awareness for all kinds of creativity!

Thanks to those dear friends from my growing years: Javier, Luis, Maga, Serge, Santiago and specially to Carlos, who every afternoon invited me to his studio to paint and play…you all have contributed to put your creative seed in me! Gracias!

More into the present, Thanks to this country, the United States, where it facilitates and promotes card making, scrapbook and crafts like no where else in the world…!

As for my card making specifically, I would like to start paying tribute particularly to my first card teacher, Anne who was a key person in giving me a great start in the world of greeting cards by being such a great teacher and sub sequentially to all the companion crafters, teachers and designers that have share their passion for their art and have pass along some of their knowledge and inspire me to keep going into this fulfilling path.

Thanks to Geri, the owner of my local craft store who believe in my work and offer me a teaching position at her store.

An enormous thanks to all the Students that have follow me since then and that are a constant motor for my inspiration, without all of them I would not exist as a teacher and I will not look forward to make myself better each day and try to learn new things to share with them.

BLOG DESIGN: Thanks to Viola, who with all her patience, kindness, incredible understanding of somebody’s wishes and translating ALL my desires into real concepts help me to give life to this blog.

Black & White DIGITAL IMAGES: Thanks to Deena, for providing me with some of her incredible sketches! You can get her digital stamp images at her store here: 

Thanks to Memory Box, who came into my life into an unexpected moment but so well awaited one, and offer me my very first position as a design team member into their company. http://memoryboxco.com/

Thanks to my husband, who has given me the freedom and respect to follow this passion without questions or constraints.

Thank to ALL of you reading and following this blog, my world is so much complete with you all in it…”YOU” are the reason for my postings!

But last and foremost, I am grateful to God and the Virgin, for being present at each and every moment of my life, for pouring into me all the experiences, opportunities and people that have shaped what I am today…
I am so blessed!
I am grateful to them for giving me good and bad health, trials and relieves/good fortune, abundance and hardship, failures and successes, pleasant and disagreeable moments but precisely for always protecting me, giving me the strength to keep going forward being  constantly by my side!

Mil Gracias, Merci Beaucoup, Thank You, Gracie and Danke Schon…
God bless you!