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Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Tent Bird House Card for Mother's Day


to all the mom's 
that have shown us the path of life 
and their unconditional love
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Hello My Dear Stamper Friends:

I decided to make this cute "Tent Bird House Card" showing a bird-mom on her nest, waiting and taking care of her home and babies...

Bird tent card for mother's day front

Do you know that Mother's day is celebrated almost all over the world, but the date varies from country to country?

Here in the USA is the 2nd Sunday of every May.
In México, is always on the 10th, no matter what day on the week it falls...
In France is the 4th Sunday in May

In England is on the 4th Sunday in March...

and Argentina is in the only country that celebrates Mother's day in October!

Historically this holiday was associated with a more religious sense, revering the virgin Mary...being May the month of the virgin. 

Nowadays the holiday has evolved, and has being adopted by many countries with different cultures and religions (including Asian and Arab countries have adopted this holiday). It has different meanings and is associated with different events depending on the country.
and In your county on what day you do celebrate this holiday?
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Back to the card...

For the construction of these type of cards...
- you need to fold (any size of card) on the top,
- make a mark (from the creased line) 2" down on each of the 4 sides
- from the center of that line, crease a diagonal line up top the 2" mark with your bone folder.
To create an X (diagonal lines)...

Bird tent card for mother's day step 1

- Fold to create a triangle, see photo above to make the tent
- Fold the card

Bird tent card for mother's day step 2

Cut the center window with a die...I used the egg die form the "Open Studio" line "Delicate Nest" from Memory Box

Bird tent card for mother's day step 3

Decorate As desired...
I used several dies from Memory Box
Notice that the top of the house was decorated with a partial area of the "Tanglewood" frame
and the oval die was cut with scissors to match the size of the aperture of the egg

Bird tent card for mother's day dies used

I have done tent cards but with a slightly different construction. This one is a house.
To see the other cards  that I have done click on the links...

I used a "Tent card" to make a
1- Day of the Dead day display card
2- and a Butterfly card HERE...

Bird tent card for mother's day side view

View from the other side

Bird tent card for mother's day side view

a detail on the nest
the inside was stenciled using a heart stencil 

Bird tent card for mother's day detail

Thanks for the visit
Happy mother's day, 
wishing you a wonderful day spent with your loved ones!

Bird tent card for mother's day


  1. Good Sunday morning Bibiana,what a lovely card today!Take care Jane B.

  2. J'adore cette carte à pliage originale!
    Bravo et surtout merci pour le tutoriel!
    Bonne fête des mères à toi également xxxx

  3. Beautiful card The dies are very whimsical and feathery ...Lis

  4. A beautiful Mother's day card Bibiana, love all the different aspects and layers.

    Hugs Erika. x

  5. What a darling card. I love how you embellished it. It was interesting to learn about Mother's Day as well. Your're so full of knowledge. I sent a link to my daughter to show her your painted bunny and she loved it and remembers herself as a little girl watching me paint.

  6. I did know that different countries celebrate at different times from when we were living in England but I didn't know why the month of May, very interesting. Your card is just lovely, like the window you created, always neat to see different folded cards!

  7. This is so gorgeous!! I love the design!! You decorated it so beautifully!! The details are fabulous!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. Superbe, merci pour le pas à pas. Bises.

  9. Hola Bibiana q linda te quedo tu tarjeta y gracias por el tuto lo pondre en practica, q hayas pasado un lindo dia con tu familia!!!

  10. This is such a pretty card so beautifully decorated and so much detail

  11. This is so pretty and thank you for the super tutorial! Hugs Carole Z X


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