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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank You for your Service: Veterans Day

Hello Dear Stamper and Crafty Friends:

 so much for all your comforting and so sweet words from yesterday's post...
They all sure did make me feel much better and draw a smile on my face!
I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart...
healing slowly day by day!

Today here in the USA, we are celebrating and honoring all the men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces... it is known as Veterans Day!
This card was published in the Spanish blog: "A crear se Dijo!" for Memory Box for My DT assignments.

bouquet for veterans day card front
pin it:

Even though this day is to thank ALL Veterans,
I take the opportunity as well, to express all my gratitude through this post and card to all the Military people serving right NOW for  all what you do, the sacrifices that you made to keep us safe and serve this country!

Note: not to confuse with "Armistice day", celebrating the end of World War I and honoring the men who served on that war.
Veterans day is for ALL military members, in the USA,  and it coincides with "Armistice Day / and Remembrance day", marking the end of World War I on Nov 11th, and celebrated in the rest of the world. 
But, Did you know  that "Remembrance day" is known also as "Poppy day" and celebrated in  all the Commonwealth nations? 
Now I know, why I have seeing the Queen of England on this day wearing a small red Poppy on her lapel...have you noticed?
But why the Poppy? somebody knows? I would love to know the origin of this tradition...

as for the card:
I started by sponging with inks on top of these 2 stencils to re-create the American flag 

bouquet for veterans day card flag with stencils

I then made the bouquet with several stems die cut in white, the leaves from behind were sprayed with "shimmer mist" to give them that shine

bouquet veterans card detail leaves

added some silver brads and a metal ball chain...

bouquet veterans card detail frame

A small "Thank You"
 card contribution for you, our Heroes!

bouquet veterans card side view

Happy Veterans Day!

Thanks for stopping by

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  1. Thank You Bibiana. Beautiful card and I appreciate your salute to military personnel. I am Vietnam era navy.


  2. très jolies carte et quel belle hommage. bises

  3. superbe carte d'hommage, la découpe sous "thanks" est magnifique,

  4. superbe carte pour un tres bel hommage

  5. Beautiful Thanks card for our Veterans Bibiana. More love and blessings sent your way.

  6. Bibiana.. sending you my very best wishes. thinking of you and hope life allows you to cope calmly and peacefully with whatever comes your way
    Eileen xxxxx
    Regarding our Poppy Day....
    The red remembrance poppy has become a familiar emblem of Remembrance Day due to the poem In Flanders Fields. These poppies bloomed across some of the worst battlefields of Flanders in World War I, their brilliant red colour became a symbol for the blood spilled in the war. The Royal British Legion ( a charity to help ex military personal) sells poppies each year to raise money help their good causes.

    1. THANK YOU for this wonderful explanation! very good to know!
      hugs bibiana

  7. Poppies were reportedly growing in Flanders - there is a famous poem called Flanders Fields which describes the poppies growing where the men fell. Lovely card for the USA celebrations.

  8. Magnifique carte qui marque très bien le respect à nos vétérans et l'espoir pour notre jeunesse qui prend la relève. Bravo!

  9. What a lovely tribute to Veterans! It is a beautiful card, Bibliana, and I really like how you did the background. Beautiful dies used. Sending hugs your way!

  10. Bibiana - you might want to check out this page

  11. Magnifique carte pour un très bel hommage. Bises.

  12. Bonjour Bibiana,
    C'est une magnifique carte qui rend un bel hommage.
    Eileen et Janine on donné l'explication du coquelicot. En France, 'est le bleuet. En France, le bleuet, également présent sur les champs de bataille et dont la couleur rappelle les uniformes des Poilus, représente traditionnellement le sacrifice des soldats lors du premier conflit mondial. Le Bleuet de France symbolique est de moins en moins présent depuis les années soixante.

    Pour la première fois depuis 1922, le 11 novembre 2012 ne marque plus solennellement la seule célébration de la fin de la Première Guerre mondiale, mais devient une journée d’hommage à tous les morts pour la France. À cette occasion un groupe d’officiers de l’École de guerre et du cours supérieur d’état-major (CSEM) décide de relancer la collecte en faveur du Bleuet de France, et le chef d’état-major des armées, l'amiral Édouard Guillaud, a encouragé dans un message à l’ensemble des unités, tous les militaires à porter le Bleuet de France sur leur tenue, y compris durant les heures de service jusqu’au 11 novembre.
    Voilà pour l'histoire.
    Bonne et belle journée.

  13. Such a wonderful card! Love all the elements you have added.
    Hugs, Antonella :-)

  14. Such a wonderful card here again Bibiana, a very beautiful card to honor all these men and women. I can see, that you have already got the explanation on the poppy, so no need for me to repeat, what´s already been said so well here already.
    Have a wonderful day and week ahead hun

  15. This is way cool. You did an excellent job making an American flag.

  16. Wow beautiful. Hope you are ok xxx

  17. Une très belle carte de commémoration ! Bravo Bibiana ! Bises

  18. I love the look of the shimmery kraft leaves in the background with the white over them, so cool!


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