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Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Independence Day to...

Hello My dear Stamper Friends:

On the 15 and 16 of September,
several North and Central American countries
are celebrating their Independence day from Spain ...all these Spanish Speaking countries are having their National Holiday !

So "Happy Independence Day" to...
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Honduras and 

I made this card using the beautiful "black nose sugar skull" stamp from Lost Coast Designs.
And I colored it with the colors of the Mexican Flag.
I used this iconic Mexican sugar skull image, used mainly on The Day of the Dead, in November...
but I liked it so much and it is so "Mexican", that I decided to use it for today's and tomorrow's festivities in honor of this National day.

BTW: Skulls are not symbol of sorrow/fear in Mexico, they are a symbol of festivity and party!

sugar skull card front

pin it:  

NOTE: In Mexico, on the 15th of September,  tonight, at midnight  is celebrated what it is called "The Cry of independence/ El grito de Independencia", where the President every year on this date stands on the balcony of the national palace at the main plaza in Mexico city, at the "ZOCALO" and rings the same bell that Hidalgo, a catholic priest,  had rung in 1810 to call everybody to rise up in arms against the Spaniards...and that is how the war of independence started in Mexico ...
Then He shouts several "viva's" ("long live the heroes of the nation"; "Long live the republic" etc) and below at the "Zocalo" Hundreds of thousands of people watching, reply with "VIVA" each time...this impressive ceremony is transmitted in all the main Spanish speaking chains of T.V. national and international...so if you have a moment and can find it watch it! 
It is very emotional and very patriotic!

I colored the Skull with "Copic" markers and added several dies from "My favorite Things". The words are from "Memory Box" ;  "Feliz Día= Happy Day" ...

sugar skull card flat

I added some stickles to the teeth ...
in person it shines a lot!
This card can be used for the day of the dead, for Halloween or just as a fun card to make and send to friends!

sugar skull card detail

Ok my friends, I hope you enjoyed reading this post...I always remember this day because,  Mexico is also a little bit my country and I spend so many 15th of September at the Zocalo with my family celebrating and shouting "Viva Mexico" and celebrating this holiday, that is it rooted in my memory! ...tomorrow on the 16th there are military parades and nobody works!!! I remembered just sleeping late, and watching the parade on TV...

sugar skull card side view

So I am joining in the celebration 
of my Central American friends 
in their National Holiday!

Thanks for the visit!


Lost Coast Designs stamps: Black Nose Sugar skull; tree branches background
Note: these stamps can be purchased at the LCD online store or at any of the stamp shows/ conventions where they go to. Check their calendar to see when they will be near your town.


  1. I love learning about other cultures , this card is beautifully scary ........Lis

  2. oh j adore ta carte elle sublime bravo

  3. très belle carte me fais un peu peur,
    on dirait que tu l'as brodé. bises

  4. super cette carte! bises

  5. As always, love the cultural lesson. The coloring of the skull reminds me somewhat of the native American art and colors. I have native American heritage, Cherokee, and can appreciate this. Very nicely done Bibiana. - Jim

  6. I love the skull. You did such a smashing job colouring it and decorating it up.

  7. It's different Bibiana and a little scary but amazing colours


  8. Beautiful Bibiana, love the design on the skull and how you have coloured it.

    Enjoy the celebrations.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. Beautiful colours Bibiana, little scary this image to me as I do not know the culture, but love your gorgeous flowers and the arrangement.
    Thank you so much for the congrats and welcome xxx
    hugs pam

  10. Une carte superbement décorée ! C'est étrange au départ mais j'ai bien compris que cette tête de mort était le symbole de la fête au Mexique ! C'est quand même très gai avec les couleurs et les fleurs ! Bises

  11. WAUW what a creation. Very beautiful, even I must admit, I´m normally not much into skulls and this kind of stuff, but this is definitely a very special one, and actually pretty cool.
    And thanks so much for the lesson too, it was really intersting to read about how things are in other places too.
    Have a wonderful day and week.

  12. WOWZER!! This is just amazing!!! Love the details in the skull and the pretty colors with the bling!! Very cool and very festive and fun!! :) HUGS

  13. How amazing, love that skull and colours !

  14. wow! What a wonderfully Mexican-themed card, Bibliana! Perfect for their independence day celebrations. Great details and colors, too! hugs, de

  15. Wow, moi qui adore les crânes, je suis en admiration devant ta carte! Beau travail!

  16. very cool coloring, love the flowers and greenery added!

  17. Ah tu m'étonneras toujours! Une agréable surprise que ce crâne des mieux décorés que j'ai vu .Encore et toujours Bravo!!!


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