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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mix Media Art Journal Page: Zentangle with Stencils

Hello My Dear Stamper and Crafty Friends:

I  started making my Mix Media Art Journal...
and I shared with you a few days ago the cover  (with Video) that I made for it using metal foil and stencils ...

Well, today I would like to share with you one of the first projects that I made for my Mix Media Art Journal...
I used some stencils and decided to "embellished" them using the  "Zentangle" technique as well...and this is what I came up...

I am very excited as I embark in a new adventure: the one of making a Mix Media Art Journal!
and I do not know where this will take me in my creative journey , but I am sure I will discover new things and ways to work and get inspired and create ...and for sure  I will be sharing with you  bits and pieces of this road that I decided to explore...

Here are the supplies that I used...
The Mix media book (before being decorated) ...
lots of stencils, some pens (and inks- not shown)...

Before I start I want to show you what I used for My Zentangle designs:
These are 9 starting references for your Zentangle designs...
The doodles that I choose are very simple made out of : dots, circles, ovals, X, lines etc...and in a repetitive way each one of them filled each part of the designs on the stencils...

Step by Step:
- Choose the stencils that you want to play with...
- Trace the motifs with a "Copic" liner  

1- Trace a motif (one leaf from the "Frond" stencil from "Memory Box") from your stencil with a "copic" liner in Black
2- Trace another motif (second leaf) on another place of your page
3-Fill the page by tracing more designs until you feel satisfied (I used different leaves, chevron lines, Moroccan tiles designs from different stencils)
4- Start Doodleling (choose one leaf at a time and one Zentangle design and start filling each space) no reason, or order, just chose what you like.
For my stem I chose to do tiny dots, for the right side of one leaf I decided on curvy vertical lines and some part of the leaf all cover in black...and continue this way

1- TIP (photos above): place under your hand a paper towel while doodleling, to prevent smears
2- I filled the "moroccan" tiles with lines in diagonal and pointy little triangles
3- other leaves I filled them with crosses, diagonal lines or curvy ones and semi circles...
4- for the "chevron" stencil I filled each section with circles, wavy lines, rectangles etc...

1-when finished doodleling, now shade with a pencil some areas
2-I added some color with inks and on the left side of my journal I wrote in pencil a citation
3- For my citation "Do what you love,  Love what you do!" I added a double line on some of the letters
4-I inked some areas with inks and 2 stencils; the "honeycomb" one and the "mesh" one
and color in black the letters, added some "washi" tape

Here it is the finished page on the left...

Here it is the Finished page on the right

Ok My dear friends, 
thank you for the company and 
for taking interest in what I do!

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  1. Wow fantastic start to your pages, love the Zentangle x

  2. C'est superbe, du très beau travail, merci pour le partage. Bises.

  3. C'est magnifique Bibiana!

  4. You will have FUN with this journal! Love your stencilling and entangles!

  5. Une idée originale pour un résultat réussi! Merci de partager!

  6. Eileen L. said.....
    Beautiful Bibiana. Love all of the details and your artistry. Colors are gorgeous.

  7. Very creative...lots of neat details..I like to do zentangle...Don't think I am very good doing it...but you sure know how use the technique...thanks for sharing.

  8. Fun to see this. I am starting to learn Zentangle and will try to incorporate it onto my cards once I am confident with it.

  9. WAUW this is sooo amazing hun, I love, what you´ve done here, and I´m sooo impressed of the letters, you made just free handed and made them look like this. Sooo beautiful journal, can´t wait to see, til it´s all done some day, but I´m sure it´ll be magnificient thoug.

  10. Excellent Art Journal Bibiana. Love your doodles and design. Sorry I have not stopped recently. Very busy. will be using the new stencils after we get our company from Arizona and things settle down.


  11. Très beau avec un bon choix de couleurs et un super coup de crayon!!! bises

  12. C'est magnifique mais cela me semble quand même très dur


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