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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Farewell to "Gabo"...Adios a "Gabo"!

....As we, Colombians, used to call him!

Today The world of literature has lost a Giant!!!
Farewell to Gabriel García Márquez, ("Adios a Gabo")!!

All the World, Latin Americans and specially, myself  as a Colombian I feel a deep sadness to know that today we have lost one of the greatest writers of the Spanish Language ...Nobel prize in 1982 for his novel "One Hundred Years of Solitude/Cien Años de Soledad"

I  feel touched not only because I am Colombian and "we" admire him deeply but because I had the opportunity to meet him when I was 15 years old while living in Mexico, City...

Photo: Him and I, with his novel: "Cien años de Soledad!" 
and the flags of our 2 beloved countries : México and Colombia 
on his lapel

No words  to express the sadness to loose one of the most respected and honored Latin American writer!!! 

Paying him a small tribute through this post 
and this special card that I made as soon as I knew... 

Wishing him to fly like a butterfly free of "sickness" with his adored Colombian flag colors...

We will 
"Cry, Laugh but ...foremost
Remember him through his enormous Legacy!"

Rest in Peace! 
Descansa en Paz, Querido 'Gabo'!



  1. So sorry for the loss. Remembrance is a great legacy. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. It is very much appreciated.

  2. I was so taken by your post that I forgot to tell you your card is extraordinary. That butterfly makes it jump right out at me. I added you to me dashboard reading list. TSF.


  3. Loved reading his books. Beautiful card.

  4. Magnifique carte qui garde tout le symbolisme et le respect demandé.
    de Capucine

  5. Eileen L. said......

    Beautiful Bibiana.

  6. What a lovely remembrance card Bibiana - and how wonderful that you got to meet him and have that wonderful picture of the two of you!

  7. Beautiful card, Bibi! I love the multi colored butterfly.

  8. Gorgeous tribune to a wonderful person.

    Hugs Diane

  9. Gorgeous tribute post! Beautiful card! Gorgeous color blocking on your butterfly. So special that you have a photo with Gabriel García Márquez!

  10. Wonderful tribute post & a lovely thing to do xxx

  11. Hello Miss Bibiana, this a wonderful tribute to this amazing Man, I just learned of his passing today, it's a sad day for the world with his loss. I sadly haven't read anything he has written, but I'm going to go to the library this weekend and get one of his books, if possible, how blessed you were o meet him, that's a beautiful picture of you's, I'm so glad you posted it, and your card is so beautiful and creative, it looks like and angel and butterfly, I'm sure there is a special place waiting for him, thanks for sharing this my dear and for visiting my nest and leaving me some love, hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend, ((( BIG HUGS ))) my Friend...

  12. Your card is beautiful and a wonderful tribute to a clearly very special man. Anne xx

  13. Great Tribute card...very special!

  14. A wonderful tribute to a very special man, and your card is really gorgeous and say just as much as any words could do. But you at least have some good memories left of him now and more than most with such an awesome picture.
    It´s almost symbolic that it´s now isn´t it? Happy Easter sweet friend.

  15. What a beautiful card and your post is a wonderful tribute Bibiana- I am so sorry for your loss.
    Your photo is a wonderful and cherished memento and you are lucky to have had the opportunity- as you said- he is free to fly as a butterfly- free of pain.take care-hugs

  16. Belle carte en hommage à ce grand écrivain que tu as rencontré ! Je connais un peu ses œuvres, mon fils l'a étudié en espagnol ! Bravo Bibiana ! Bises

  17. I'm impressed, Bibiana! beautiful card!


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