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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A "Lost Coast Designs" Card to honor Black History Month

Hello My Dear Stamper Friends:
After the great news from yesterday...
With much respect and a profound sense of awareness...
I present to you this card that I made using the fabulous Stamps from "Lost Coast Designs" to commemorate Black History Month ( AKA National African American History month) !

African American History dates back to the colonial period when Africans were brought to the American colonies as slaves. And is until the 20th century when Black history was pushed into the public consciousness and the month of February was officially declared as the month to recall and show respect to the achievements by black Americans and to the role of African American in US  history. This celebration of black history is observed in the USA and in Canada and in the United Kingdom in the month of October.

Not only I toast to the initiative to makes us remember and do not forget this painful and shameful part of our American history but global as well,  as this practice of slavery is still sadly present  nowadays around the world!

And Last Sunday I watched the BAFTA awards and I am extremely happy to see that The film "12 Years of Slavery" won best movie of the year at BAFTA (the British Academy Of Film and Television Arts).
It is great to see that  this type of movies are being filmed and awarded ...we have to create consciousness and as the British director Steve MacQueen said when receiving the award "sadly we have to know that We still have 21 million people in slavery as we speak!"...

The month of February,  Month of Black History,  coincides as well with the celebration here in the USA of the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln, (who with his Emancipation Proclamation, abolished slavery In USA) and of Frederick Douglass (born as a slave and scape at 20, became a renowned anti-slavery activist)
Schools and communities nationwide organize celebrations to acknowledge Black history!

My small and very humble participation to these events is with this card, which not only celebrates Black Month History that coincided with the BAFTA awards, where the movie "12 Years of slavery" won for best movie of the year!...

but with President's Day
[which we are celebrating now here in The US.  Most school are off  this entire week, called as well as 'winter break', which falls every year on the 3rd Monday in February, and celebrates the birthdays of American Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln]

So my card salutes all these 3 events !

If you are interested in History I recommend that you visit History Channel:  and more specifically on the subject of Black History Month
They have plenty of videos and history articles on History in general...Very interesting site!

 I leave you for today, wishing that all of us become more aware of our history (past, present and future) and with the hope that  can do something to change the present situation and stop cruelty and injustice practices of all kinds nowadays towards human beings and animals all around the world!
Sending you lots of wishes for Peace and Love!


Lost Coast Designs: Moon Goddess


  1. Très jolie carte qui met très bien en valeur cette superbe étampe!

  2. I want to order the Moon Goddess stamp. Please explained the difference between mounted and unmounted?


  3. Gorgeous card and obviously very heartfelt comments / thoughts.

  4. Superbe carte avec un magnifique tamponnage!
    bravo Bibiana!

  5. Superbe carte et superbe tampon pour ces trois anniversaires ! Bises

  6. Gorgeous card Bibiana, love the colors.

    Hugs Diane

  7. You should also mention that many of the slaves were sold by their own people. Apparently, the word "slave" once held a different connotion. I was told that "slaves" were like housekeepers/nannies in ancient Africa. So that families sold their sons and daughters thinking they would be taken care of by the family they were sold to.

  8. This is fabulous Bibiana, what a gorgeous stamp...xx

  9. WOWZER this is extraordinarily gorgeous, FANTASTIC way to honor Black history and I too was very excited that the BAFT awarded that stunning film, thanks for sharing..

  10. THIS card is Spectacular! Gorgeous embossed stamped image with pretty paper BG! LOVE it!

  11. WOW this is absolutely stunning, the whole theme and image looks amazing.
    lorraine x

  12. Elle est superbe ta carte!


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