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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pink For October...

Hello My Dear Stamper Friends:
Today I would like to dedicate this post to  
"The Breast Cancer Awareness Month" 
which occurs all during the month of October ...

and I decided to make this card in Pink of course,  that I will featured as well at my Spanish blog: "A crear se Dijo!" for Memory Box...

 "The Breast Cancer Awareness Month" (BCAM)  "is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds ...A variety of events around the world are organized in October, including walks and runs, the pink illumination of landmark buildings and wearing pink clothes or the ribbon (below) as a sign of "moral support". 
In the United States,  besides these actions, the National Football League (NFL) promotes breast cancer awareness by incorporating pink on and off the field, ...."  [resources taken form wikipedia].

I personally like seeing some important landmarks illuminated in pink like The "White House" and while watching football games it is fun to see those big guys, the football players,  wearing  pink shoes, t-shirts, gloves etc during this month of October...
while my husband watches the game I am checking out the fashion :)....
on a more serious note it is important to raise awareness...

because we can not forget that men too can suffer from 
"male breast cancer"...

But most importantly,  I strongly recommend everybody to "TOUCH" yourselves, be pro-active, check regularly, go to the doctor to prevent and of course give "moral support" to people who has this horrible disease...

I thank my dear Friend Dominique (from France) who shared this beautiful "healing candle" at  her blog in remembrance of the ones who did or still have have this horrible disease...
You are most than welcome to use this image in your blogs too, simply click on it, copy, save and paste...

Onto the card...
I embossed the background with a Tim Holtz embossing folder and paint with shimmer metallic paint over it...
I use the "Emboss resist" technique on the circle (stamp with Versamark the leaves on white card stock, heat emboss with White embossing powder, let it cool, sponge over image with pink ink and wipe the leaves to make them pop; the image resisted to the ink)

photo from below:
The rose die is only one flower but by die cutting 3 and cutting excess by hand I made 3 roses in 3 different sizes...and I use the die as an stencil as well...
I added several branches that come with the rose die and noticed That I added little pearls at the end of the leaves...

Finally I placed  2 " pierson corners"  underneath the flowers to give extra dimension...this is to show you that you can give to your dies other uses than what they were originally intended, in this case this die is supposed to be on the corners or used as photo corners...but I used them as flower foliage...

A last view from the side...

Ok my friends, I leave you with Pink/positive thoughts.  
This candle is lit for all of you battling with breast cancer (or any other type of cancer), wishing you a speedy recovery , there is hope  and praying for a cure.

and for everybody else I can not emphasize in the fact that you have to "touch" yourselves, males and females to prevent or catch on time any anomaly that you may find...
With positive thoughts!!! I leave you today and hope to see you soon for another post...
Thanks my friends...I love your visits and your comments...


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  1. What a joy to behold Bibiana. To say I love your card would be an understatement. Absolutely Fabulous dahling. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. This is such a lovely tribute, my friend. While pink is not a color I usually use, it is lovely here and for such a wonderful cause. I love those butterflies - they look ready to take flight. I am not sure what a " pierson corners" is - I will have to investigate further. Thanks for sharing and reminding us all.

  3. Beautiful bibiana. I did email you back the other day x

  4. That card is absolutely gorgeous! The way you used all those dies was perfection - just stunning!

  5. Beautiful card highlighting an important cause, thanks Bibiana x

  6. Bibiana, this is beautiful, love your colour combo and beautiful die arrangement.

  7. Magnifique carte Bibiana pour 1 cause qui nous touche tous de près..

  8. Absolutely magical. Your card is wonderful!!! I love it! By the way, October 13th is a no bra day!!! xxx

  9. Gorgeous card - love it. Such a horrible disease though and I feel for those suffering.

  10. Encore une carte magnifique ma grande, bravo! et cette petite bougie est sur mon blog...
    Gros bisous

  11. This is gorgeous, Bibi! The soft pink and all of the details.

  12. Gorgeous card! I pinned it but doubt a card I make will be as nice as yours.

  13. Beautiful!! Wonderful cause as well!

  14. Magnifique ta carte bibiana pour une bonne cause!
    Bisous et bon weed-end!

  15. Such a beautiful card, gorgeous colours and fabulous embellishments


  16. What a huge heart you have to go with that creative spirit, You have inspired me to make something pink too,, don't know if I have anything pink, but will figure something out :O) downloaded the candle, thanks you so much. Your card is outstanding, and soooooo beautiful, how generous you are to share all the creating, helpful hints, you honor us as well as Breast Cancer, thanks so much..

  17. je suis extrêmement contente d'avoir lu ce post. Je vais te dire pourquoi. D'abord ce que tu as réalisé est superbe et parce que j'ai une nièce qui est chercheur en médecine ( en cancérologie) et le 30septembre ( à la veille d'octobre rose, donc) elle a reçu un prix de 50 000 €(euros) pour ses travaux sur le cancer du sein. Les 50 000 € (euros) sont bien entendu pour son labo. il y a eu une grande réception à Paris pour la remise son prix. A 23 h, on a prié tous les invités de sortir pour admirer les illuminations roses des monuments de Paris. ça durera tout le mois. Je suis très fière d'elle et par ton intermédiaire, je peux le faire le savoir . Je lui fais part de ton post. bon dimanche

  18. wow!! love the look, soft and beautiful. your design has a light airbrushed look. totally gorgeous! :)

  19. Magnifique! Le fond embossé (Tim Holtz) va parfaitement bien avec le reste!

  20. quelle jolie carte ! j'aimes beaucoup les tons ! et joli travail d'embossage

  21. Preciosa! El trabajo de relieve de los dies es magnifico!
    Saludos :o)

  22. Ta carte est splendide et tellement douce et délicate ! Quelles belles fleurs... Bises.


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