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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tim Holtz...Configuration Box Class!

Hello Dear Stamper Friends:
I did this "Configuration Box"  at a class that I took from the one and only Tim Holtz, 2 summers ago...when he came to California to visit our local scrapbook store!

In class I learn a ton of techniques, applied some into the box and then at home at my own pace I  finished my box and personalized it the way I wanted ...
Now I  have a treasure to look at every day ...it seats in one of my shelves in my craft room...!

I decided to describe my years living in France. Each one of the elements that I included there means something, literally EACH ONE of them has a meaning  (too long to explain and probably not too much of interest for you)..but just know that this little "configuration Box" has lots of symbolisms for me, and my life over there...

Here it is in "summary" what each one of the levels represents...

The first top layer;

The methamorphosis level, as I called it, is here when I began my journey ...
I used the "patina" effect...the wings cut out from grunge on the top were distressed with inks and then embossed (embossing folder) and again distressed and certain areas embossed with gold embossing powder...

The 1st row

Mainly several symbols and items that represent France...
on a curious note...
The cork, a champagne one, was given to me as a pin cushion by my dear Friend MJ, the very same day of this class;  without knowing that I was going to do this configuration box as a description of my life in France...What a coincidence!!! so it was perfect to include it here...
My initial dangles from it...cut from the photo...
The "Fleur de Lys" (symbol of the French monarchy), The frame, (represents "Art" in general,  the little frame is  from "Melissa Frances appliques") the coins,which are  "Francs", because it was the currency back then when I was there...

The 2dn row is more personal...but I will not entered too much in details...

The pearls were put away in this corked vial
The flags; 2 worlds  so different from each other but that now belong to my history...
"Nice" is written using the typewriter charms and "Cannes" is represented by the film strip.
the Ticket of the metro and train, daily means of transportation over there ...

The 3rd and last row...

the little book binding I made it by just gluing many papers together and then added a staple and some distress inks...it turn out so cute ...
this 1st square represents all my years at my university...
the nib is really in reality,  what I used to use over there to write...it is very common that you use this type of pens in France...no ball pens like here...and you change all the time your inks with different ink cartridges...it is so much fun...I have not used them since then!!!!
The 2nd square is all about Monaco, and my years spent over there. Their official colors are white and red and they have their own mail stamps: here depicting princess "Grace of Monaco" and lying down is the one from "Prince Rainier",  alive then...unfortunately now deceased...Nowadays is  prince "Albert of Monaco" who is reigning.
the heart and the key were attached with a screw eye and used a jump ring to add the key
the coins again these are "rare" "Monegasque" coins/currency, nowadays is "Euros" of course and difficult to find with the face of "Prince Rainier"

well here you go...lots of things to describe...

as for the techniques, which is probably what you are most interested in, are:
first, we covered the whole box with paper and "washi" tape (used glossy accents and the craft scraper).
then we distress everything with his inks, stains (using the ink applicator and cut pieces of foam pad to ink and reach the difficult corners)
lastly we primed the entire box with  multi medium..
the wings cut out from grunge on the top were distressed with inks and then embossed (embossing folder) and again distressed and certain areas embossed with gold embossing powder...
most of the trinkets were glued with glossy accents...I glued the legs and corners with a heat gun...
or they were screwed.. we used screw eyes with jump rings to hang the jewels/pearl or letters...as well as big fasteners...for the key holes...

hope you like this long post...

if you are big fan of Tim, see some other projects that I did with Him,  HERE (when you will be there make sure to scroll down or click older posts)



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  1. Love the box, it's just gorgeous. And so
    nice that it can remind you of such wonderful

  2. quel travail ! c'est magnifique !

  3. What a wonderful box Bibiana! and an awesome way to remind you of a time in your life. I took a class with Tim a year ago - and it was so inspiring!

  4. Oh my goodness Bibiana, this configuration box is stunning. What a wonderful way to remember times gone by! Hugs, Anne x

  5. Out of this world wonderful!!

  6. Hi Bibiana,
    such a superb creation. Fabulous design, and great little items adorning it to remind you of days gone by.
    Have a wonderful crafty weekend.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. Absolutely breathtaking Bibiana. I bet you had fun resting it too. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xxx

  8. Coucou Bibiana,
    Voilà une magnifique boîte!!!
    Que de petits détails pour te souvenirs de ces années...
    Une superbe réalisation.
    A bientôt.

  9. Oh! My! Word! Bibiana, this is absolutely Stunning.
    What a fantastic way to display "Memories" I love it

    Patricia xxx


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