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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cup Cake Gift Card Holder!

I am celebrating... ALL through the week my 
FIRST year of Blogging...
with a BIG Party!
Each day will have a Birthday themed celebration!
Come, participate, comment on each day and win something... 

Tuesday August 27th, 1st Birthday anniversary: Card and...
Wednesday, August 28th:  Photos
Thursday, August 29th: Cake and...
Friday, August 30th: Flowers and....
Saturday, August 31st: Gift Set 
Sunday, September 1st... Surprise, Surprise...!!!
 Hello My Dear Stamper Friends!

In every birthday party there is a Cake...so even though I can not invite you to have a real cake...here it is this cute cake that holds a gift card inside...what a perfect gift to give to someone special on their birthday!! don't you think?

You can insert a gift card for the birthday person inside the cupcake ...How cute!!!

Watch the VIDEO HERE
that I prepared for all of you to learn how to make a cake like this!!!

A While ago...before my blog...I offered this project at a class and we made the cupcake out of paper....

Here are some shots of that class...

So let's have a Sampler Of some Cup cakes!

Today's Present are these fun "alterable" tags (8) by "Heidi Swapp" that you can use to make a Birthday banner! I included a clear stamp for a special sentiment... 

In order to win these let me know what do you rather eat and have at your birthday: a cake, ice cream, cup cakes, another dessert, nothing and what flavor...I will pick a lucky commentator and I will announce it by the end of the week! Good Luck!
Grab all your trimmings, ribbons, felt, fabric etc  and make a "fabric" cupcake.. remember you can also make one out of pretty papers too! so the limit is the sky...use what you have !!

BTW: one friend from France Claudine had posted the cupcake as well on her blog if you want to pay her a visit too at her blog and see her version... 

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  1. What lovely cakes you have made. I will watch the video later. I just love chocolate cake at a birthday party. Hugs Ursula

  2. Oh my word these little cakes are amazing ! Will have to have a go. My birthday is in December so its usually pretty cold so I like to go with my partner and have afternoon tea of carrot and lemon cake with a big latte. Thanks for another chance to win. X

  3. Hi Bibiana,
    superb Birthday cup cakes. I love this idea. So superbly created. Loved the video tutorial. So informative.
    I love to eat Carrot Cake for my Birthday. It's my fav, but I also enjoy other cakes too. I make a rather yummy Chocolate Fudge cake, and also I have been told my Lemon Drizzle cake is very superb. I was born in Wales and there they like Welsh cakes, which strictly are not cakes but a flat soft sort of biscuit with currants inside and sugar coating.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. wow, just amazing!! love these cupcakes, totally creative :) MY favorite cake is an Italian creampuff cake. think I just gained 10 pounds thinking about it!! Have a great day :)

  5. Fun cupcakes and the class look as though they enjoyed making them. My favourite would be a simple victoria sandwich or a really sharp lemon drizzle cake - nothing too sickly!

  6. My fav is without a doubt chocolate cake & chocolate frosting with chocolate shavings. As much chocolate as I can put on top of it.

  7. Coucou et bien moi je ne parle pas l'anglais mais encore merci pour ton passage sur mon blog, un très joli gâteau que voilà et tu fais de somptueuses cartes, bises.

  8. magnifique ce gâteau 0 calorie!!
    pour moi le préféré, c'est le gâteau au.. chocolat!

  9. This card holder is very original, I love it. For my birthday we usually have a tea party with my friends and lots of homemade pastries... French brioche, yule log, muffins, shortbreads... last year the boys put a birthday candle on a scone filled with lemon curd, they brought it to me while singing "Happy birthday" that was my best birthday cake ever!!! xoxox

  10. Wow! Jumping cupcakes! This is amazing, Bibiana! Love the colors too.

  11. Oh, these are darling. I must make myself one. For my birthday I would like chocolate cake with fudge icing. And I still want chocolate ice cream on the side!! Now off to view the video. Thanks!!

  12. Well Miss Bibiana, this is absolutely brilliant watch you do your magic was amazing, loooooove it and will be making one soon, thanks a million, my dear sweet friend, have a wonderful day...

  13. What a stunning cup cake! Great project!

  14. Love
    Y cup cake, my favorite thing on my birthday is fruit cake with fresh fruits

  15. Un superbe gâteau...hum, je suis très gourmande!!!
    J'adore les gâteaux pour mon anniversaire.
    Bonne et belle journée.

  16. Wonderful cupcakes! For my birthday, I really like to have carrot cake! YUM!!!

  17. C'est magnifique, je suis très gourmande en plus!
    Bisous et bonne journée

  18. I love homemade banana cake. My mom makes me one every year for my birthday!

  19. Jolis gâteaux! Chez nous le gâteau au chocolat est de mise aux anniversaires!

  20. Fantastic. They look good enough to eat!!

  21. Very creative cake and cupcakes!
    I love cake AND ice cream for my birthday! Chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream!

  22. c'est splendide et ça rentrerait bien dans mon petit jeu sur mon blog en ce moment "gourmandise et cupcakes".
    c'est magnifique ce que vous faites par chez vous. ici, en france, on n'a pas tout cela.

  23. what a fabulous creation. I love chocolate cake!!!


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