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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tip of the Week...Create Templates with Recycle Materials!

Hello Dear Stamper Friends;

Update: Just before you go on... I just wanted to let you know that my dear Friend Linda, from Canada just CASE me for the owl bookmark that I did a while ago and  that you can see here...but You can go as well to Linda's blog: Snail' s Space and see how cute her owls turn out... I am thrhrilled and honor to be case by her....I love that we interchange ideas like this...I love it.!!!..Thanks My dear Linda....look forwarfd to more cards projects to share...

Now onto my post ....

Today I am bringing to you another Tip of the Week...How to create "Your own templates from recycling clear packaging materials...!!"

You can make templates with different edge scissors ( I use ridges to create rocks and scallops to create waves), use as well  all your dies or hand free your own designs..... then I place all my templates in this binder ring and hang it underneath my desk for quick access...

I make the template, photo below,  to create my own clouds...
I trace a curly edge with a sharpie, then I cut it and the at the end  I have a custom template for my clouds unique to me...
NOTE; this same template is used to create waves

To create the technique for your clouds, just use inks/chalks, place your template, sponge moving all the time the template and changing your inks/chalks...the result is these clouds...

A few days ago, I share with you how to create an embossed butterfly using this material, instead of using Acetate. You can see my post here, if you missed it!

You can see the clouds this card that I featured at my Spanish blog for Memory Box "A Crear Se Dijo!"...

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This spring owl card is so cute and it only uses one die, that comes with all these elements..how nice is this...if you want to see more on how to create the shaped of the card using your dies and to see more of the card, visit the post here and remember you do not need to speak Spanish for this...just hit the "Translate" button on the side bar and you will have a "roughly so so translation...but this is better than nothing and hey this is only a machine...  it's not so bad, after all...


ok see you soon,


  1. Wow amazing instructions on the other site, what a brilliant idea use the recycle I love recycled:):)And how cute is the owl book mark sooo sweet, thanks for all the sharing you do and the visit your a doll..Okay wasn't sure what CASE is but I went to her blog and saw her cute owls I'm going to face book the owl and share another post from you. Have a fabulous weekend..

  2. Great idea to use packaging for templates! I save mine and now I know what to use them for. TY! Love the cloud template.

  3. hi bibiana, thanks for the mention. i never would've thought of making a bookmark with the MB owl die, so thanks for sharing - you're so creative!

  4. What an excellent tip, must remember this! Lovely card with the owls and cloud sky!


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