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Monday, October 1, 2012

Stretching Your Dies!

Hello Dear Stamper Friends:
Today I am sharing with you a "Sympathy" card.
I posted this card as part of my contributions as a design team member at Memory Box, in the  "Outside the Box" blog. If you would like to find out more about the card and the title go for more details here

Tip: Stretching your dies:

The “Catillion Frame” fits an A7 card, but I wanted to use it in an A2 card…so I cut an A2 piece of paper, I only die cut one end (1 or 2 cranks in your machine) then I took it out, switch the paper and cut the other end (1 or 2 cranks in you machine) then I took it out again and finish the middle section with scissors to make both ends connect…the result: I have a unique frame that fits my A2 cards…
As for the “Jasmine” frame, I cut it at the corners to stretch it out, you could die cut 2 and have 4 corners for a bigger card…
Moral of the story: see your dies with a different eye and you will get unexpected results! 

and can you see who sign this stamp on the side...that was the first time that I met Dave Brethauer, owner of Memory Box ...what a coincidence, isn't it? who knew a few years later I was going to be in the  Design team at MB

and do not forget to decorate the inside of your card!

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