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Friday, November 17, 2017

Rosemaling Witch Hat

Hello Dear Friends:

For Halloween,  I designed and painted this Witch wood hat pin in the "Rosemaling" style...
in the Traditional Decorative Folk Art Painting from Norway...

rosemaling witch pin  front view

I saw this witch hat in wood and I wanted to do something with a "Rosemaling" flower on it...

How to make this project: 

1- You select the main painting colors (background and 2 or 3 more for your flowers and leaves)
I use acrylic paints from DecoArt (Amercicana line)...
Note: Even though "purple" is not a traditional "Rosemaling" color I decided to use it just because I like the combination of the blue with the purple...
in creating there are no rules...right?

2- after selecting the colors you base coat the hat
3- Then proceed to draw a very simple flower (either free hand; as I did or copy/trace a flower that you like)

Note: I believe this one could be in the "Telemark" style because if the shape of the leaf...

rosemaling witch pin first steps

- start by using some of the basic brush strokes ("c" and "s" ) to make the flower and petals
(if you do not know these strokes yet, simply fill in the empty shapes with color)

- highlight some areas of the flower and leaves  (with a lighter color)
and shade some others (with a darker color)

- add additional small strokes to embellish even more the flower ("s" strokes)
- finally  finish it with some linework to outline the petals and leaves

rosemaling witch hat front

Finally, Give 3 coats of varnish
I used "Tripple Thick" glaze from DecoArt

rosemaling witch pin varnish

Even though I am still in a learning process and I do NOT master my strokes I am very pleased with the results...

As Salvador Dalí said, "have no fear of perfection! you will never reach it!"
seeing this quote on the positive side, do not fear of mistakes...You are not perfect!
So I encourage you that even though you do not feel as an expert, or feel that you can not design your own pieces, just try doing something simple and small as I did. 
Practice and repetition will make you better and more confident day by day...without fear of making mistakes...
"Embrace your imperfections!!!"

rosemaling witch pin varnish

This project was so easy and pretty to make that, as you can see in the photo, I made several hats to give away...

rosemaling witch pins

Last View...

rosemaling witch pins with paints

I hope you have enjoyed this quick painting project 

Thanks for the company 
I will see you soon with another painting 
or paper craft project, 
stayed tuned...



  1. J'aime beaucoup ce petit chapeau. La peinture sur bois donne un bel effet mais c'est encore une technique qu'il faut apprendre à pratiquer. Bravo pour tes multiples talents ! Bisous

  2. tes chapeaux de sorciers sont superbe , ton travail est minucieux et tres beau bravo

  3. une bien jolie réa!


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