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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How to organize your Acrylic Bottle Paints!

I, recently started working with "DecoArt Americana" acrylic paints and here are some ideas on how I am organizing all my little bottles...

When I am working on my desk, on a particular project I place the colors that I will be using on this practical acrylic "stadium", made originally to hold nail polish (they are intended to be for makeup/nail polish organizers)

acrylic stadium organizer for paint bottles

The holes are approximately 1"x 1" perfect to fit the bottles.

acrylic stadium organizer for paint bottles

I have two sitting in front of me to have in handy the paints that I am using at any present project...

two acrylic stadium organizers for paint bottles

and just in case you were wondering:
these acrylic nail polish organizers work as well with all the "paints' and "distress stains" from Ranger

When I am on the go, for a class or a crop, I place the bottles that I will use on this plastic container that holds 11 bottles. Box found at the dollar store but "Darice" carries a slightly bigger craft tote similar to this. (see supplies below)

plastic box with handle organizer for paint bottles

For a smaller set of paints I carry this plastic pouch that stores 5 bottles (originally intended to hold Paint dabber's from Ranger)

plastic pouch with handle organizer for paint bottles

These empty paint pots are perfect as well on the go, in case of need of small amounts of paint...
I place a white round label with the name of the paint and place all my samples on a "Stampin'Up!" stamp storage plastic box

empty paint pots for paint storage

Quick note:
the paint sponge dabber's that fits "the paint dabbers" from Ranger fit exactly on the "DecoArt Americana" bottles as well...
In case you need to cover a large area and do not want to use a brush.
You push the top against the surface and the paint will be distributed evenly

paint sponge dabber cap for paint bottles

*- added on July 2015*
I made this Paint Swatch Book for all my color paints...

paint swatch book

To see Original Post: "Paint Swatch Book"

*- added on July 2015*

I decided to place ALL my Acrylic paints
on this DIY sliding Peg board door...in my garage! 
that my husband helped me to build....

We placed a white peg board bought at the hardware store ("Lowe's Home Improvement") on a wood frame (on the back) for depth and stabillity; 
We added a wood white frame around (front) to dress up the door (glued with "caulking gun")

I decided to place the door hanging in front of a metal shelf that we have at the garage...
since I do not have more space....

The door is mounted onto a sliding rail (for closets) that we added/screwed to the front of the metal shelf (see top, photo below) 

The door slides (back and forth) for easy access to the things placed on the metal shelves behind the door...

 Then added 9 towel rods bought at "IKEA"...
 *Note: the idea of the rods was found on Pinterest from 100 directions blog*


I  painted/primed some wooden dowel rods 

Then painted these dowel rods with Silver DECOART paint to match the metal towel rods to support the bottom of the bottles
hang them from some "peg board hooks" taped to the board with some white duct tape for extra hold

 Placed all my DECOAT acrylic Americana paint bottles by family colors on these rods
(idea found on Pinterest: 100 directions blog)

Added a handle  from "IKEA" to slide the door...

 Bought these 3 buckets at "IKEA" to hold larger paint bottles, hand as well with "peg board hooks"

added on the top the wooden letters from "Michael's"

I Found these trays at the "Container Store", attached with hooks and white tie wraps

placed 4 trays on the right side...
for more DECOART Americana and Metallic acrylic paints ...

below I added 2 silver frames "IKEA" for the paint tubes that hang from paper clips and extra long hooks....

My "Golden" paint tubes hang from these "peg board" hooks ("Home Improvement hardware store Orchard")..

below placed my "Academy"  paint tubes...

another view

a last view of the top portion

a last view of the middle section


Top to bottom...

almost everything hangs from "peg board hooks" found at home improvement hardware stores and some white tie wraps


*I think I am done with my storage system for all my Acrylic paint bottles/tubes....
but I never know, maybe I come up with something else :)*

until then...
I hope some of these ideas can be of any help


DecoArt Main website
Stores visited:
Container Store; IKEA; Orchard Supply Hardware;  Lowes Home Improvement; Michae's; 


  1. Thanks for the great tips! Especially about the dabber tops fitting Americana bottles too. Glad to see someone is using the Americana line of acrylic paints. I will follow your blog more close to see how you use them. Hugs

  2. What great storage ideas Bibiana, thanks for the tips! hugs Carole Z X

  3. What great ideas these are!! I especially love the tiered "stadium" you use!! Thanks for the tips!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Fabulous ideas. Hope my little package got to you xx

  6. I like your great ideas - I am always trying to be more organized! Thank you!

  7. perfect , but you need to have space for the containers....................Lis

  8. geniales cela mais difficile à trouver a ces prix là ,ici en france, bisous

  9. Super ces rangements! Bises

  10. I used the nail polish containers like that to store my stickles upside down so that they are ready to use.

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  12. Good Afternoon Bibiana, love the ideas, always looking for ways to organize.

    Hugs diane

  13. Morning Bibiana,

    Brilliant storage solutions there.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxxx

  14. Great ideas here hun, thanks sooo much for sharing them here with us. Now I certainly know, what to look for, when I get there in 2 weeks. I can´t wait to go and look at all these amazing things, you have over there.
    Have a wonderful day everyone and lots of great fun.

  15. bonnes idées de rangement ! merci pour le partage ! bonne journée

  16. bien vus pour le rangement, comme on dis chez moi pas bete la belette ( ça veut dire que tu es futé)

  17. Great ideas. Thank you for sharing them! :) xx

  18. You have some wonderful storage and 'on the go' ideas and I never would have thought od using my dies as stencils. Thank you for sharing :o)
    Jackie xx

  19. thanks for the great storage and organizing tips! hugs, de

  20. Thank you for sharing these great ideas!! I use Americana paints as well. I do not have the "daubers" but want to get some. Wondering if they would work for "stenciling" where you use a sponge dauber?? I guess you would have to be very careful to not get too much paint at one time...hmmmmm...need to experiment!

    1. yes! definitely they will work with stenciling, make sure to push paint out on a separate paper, tap excess on a paper towel before applying to final product...
      I use stencil brushes too...both will give different effects
      thanks for the question

  21. love these ideas! thank you so much for sharing. It seems that i spend to much time organizing and re-organizing and these ideas will really help. i also hadnt even thought of using those paint dabbers on the tops of those paints!! thank you so much!

  22. Could you tell me where you got your acrylic nail polish holder? Every one I see has sections only an inch by an inch & since the bottles are 1-3/8" they won't fit. Ugh. Please share where you bought them please.

    1. You can find them at amazon, link on the supplies section or you can get them at any "Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx's/Ross" stores in the USA...
      hope it helps

  23. Now that's CREATIVE....and so functional!!!! Good for you and hubby!
    Paper Hugs,

  24. These are great tips! Thank you!

  25. Love it, Bibiana!
    See you soon,

  26. Great ideas. Curious why you chose to put a picture frame behind the acrylic hanging tubes? I don't understand what purpose that serves.

    1. Hi Leslie:
      It is just for decoration! and delimits an area for the tubes!


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